Should You Buy Your Way To Social Media Fame [INFOGRAPHIC]

How harmful are fake followers (for realsies) - Is Buying Social Media Followers Worth It? [Infographic]
Did you know that comedians, actors, politicians and musicians are some of the most common professions seen with fake followers. According to John Greathouse, average 40.9 percent of top 15 Twitter personalities are inactive, 30.4 percent are fake while only 28.7 percent are real. And according to Twitter's Fake Followers Check tool, Lady Gaga has 71 percent and President Obama has 70 percent fake followers*.
In today's digital environment, influence and popularity matter. Whether you're a startup looking to gain traction, on the hunt for a job, or an entertainer trying to book gigs, it may be tempting to purchase followers. But is risking your reputation worth it? Let's take a look the below infographic called Fake it to make it from Who Is Hosting This that outlines; should you buy your way to social media fame, who's faking it, what's the price of large following, why real trumps fake, and how to spot a social media faker.

How harmful are fake followers (for realsies)  [Infographic] - Should You Buy Your Way To Social Media Fame
Buying Social Media Followers Is Totally Waste Of Your Time And Money - infographic
Let me know your thoughts - Is buying Twitter, Facebook or YouTube followers worth it?
 * (note: StatusPeople stats that their results are inexact). Image credit: Ksayer1
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