The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have confidence in Facebook? infographic
Although, with 1.2 Billion active users Facebook is ruling over the social media arena, but do you think the social network will be a platform worth investing your time/money in 2014 and beyond? Well only time will tell. The below infographic from the team of  FinanceDegreeCenter takes a deeper look at the pros and cons of Facebook investing, where have all the Facebook teenagers gone, how Facebook is trying to buy out the competition and some things to like about Facebook.

The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]
Should Facebook Investors Be Concerned? - infographic

Some key takeaways:
Facebook was valued at $104 Billion making it the highest valued U.S. company at the time of its IPO.
In 2nd quarter 2013, only 23 percent of teen claimed Facebook as their most important social network (a 19 percent decline from last year).
Facebook still has the most active users, but percentage-wise users are getting older which could hurt Facebook in the Future.
1/6th of the world's population are active Facebook users while 43% of the online population are active Facebook users. Facebook has the highest user engagement at 6 hours per month per users.

Image credit: Mashable
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