Uses of Pinterest in Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

Uses of Pinterest in Education [INFOGRAPHIC]
Pinterest is one of the new technology tool that is introduced in the classroom. It is an electronic pinboard and a photo sharing website that allows user to create, manage and share images or videos captured from around the web. Pinterest is a great tool for virtual learning because its users can easily share ideas and their pins are also visible to other users. So, how is this wonderful resource for visual information can be integrated in education? Here's how how students or teachers can use Pinterest for educational purposes, with some useful tools.

Uses of Pinterest in Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

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For individual purposes. Students can use Pinterest as the great resources of images that they will be needing in doing visual presentation for their reports or projects. This is also a creative tool for students to organize their ideas and thoughts when writing an essay for their class.

And if students are engaging in a group project, they can create their group's board. There, they can collaborate with each members of the group. They can keep ideas and visuals for their project in one spot. Students who are invited to join the collaboration can pin to it and add ideas, quotes, images, artwork and videos for the group.


This tool can easily share lesson resources to students. Teachers can search for pins with a specific theme or subject. They can save it on their boards and can share it to their students for references. They can also find inspiration for their lesson plans. Pinterest can give teachers a lot of interesting related topic that they can use in teaching their students inside the classroom. Let's say they are teaching History, they can look for a theme about history and can use this as a visual aid for their class lesson.


Teachers can also use Pinterest as a place to post additional resources for their classes. They can create several boards and invite specific students or classes to the group. They can have focus groups for specific lecture. Teachers can use Pinterest to find new books to recommend to their students. This can make student's life easier because they can have reliable resources from their teachers. Not only that, Pinterest can also be used by the school. They can pin a compilation of academic work of students. This is a great way to inspire every students at their school. Students can source, promote or published great ideas or pictures.


Pinterest is a perfect platform for sharing ideas with similar profession, trade or hobby. It is the great way to collaborate with people having same interests as you. Teachers, students and even parents can have a good collaboration using Pinterest as an educational tool. Being interactive and personal, it would be a good tool for teacher-student-parent relation. Teachers can involve students and parents in pinning images or events happening in the classroom. Parents can easily monitor their kids at school by using Pinterest.


It is hard to be organized when you have lots of folders on your desktop. Instead of having countless folders, you can use Pinterest as an aid in organization. Students or teachers can manage all their folders by pinning their sources to classified boards. They can categorize their boards into their subjects. But always remember to take a note about the pin so that you can remember why you chose it. There are also available videos and tutorials in Pinterest that will help you organize the things that you needed.

Here are 4 tools for educators to get the most out of Pinterest.

Pic Monkey
Is a free and easy to use photo tool that allows you to edit and customize images.

Lets you manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, recycle evergreen content, collaborate with your team, and analyze performance - all from a single dashboard.

Is a simple site allows users to convert words into colorful images in seconds.

Discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, and analyze results. All with one tool.

Professors, Peers, & Pinterest - infographic

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