5 Essential SEO Tools Every Business Owner Should Have

5 Essential SEO Tools Every Business Owner Should Have
If you are a business owner with a website, it is very critical to know how much is your website’ visibility in the search engines. If you have not done much about your site’s SEO, then there are ample chances that your website will have little or no visibility at all in the search engines. What you, as a business owner need is a set of tools that you can use for your site’s SEO and increase your chances of getting customers directed to you by search engines. It can at times be difficult to search for the relevant SEO tools in the sea of tools that is available on the internet. To ease out this trouble, here is a list of 5 essential SEO tools every business owner should have:

1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

This tool finds a mention every time SEO tools are discussed and for all good reasons. This application is compatible with Windows, Mac and Ubuntu and is all capable of detecting errors with a website viz. duplicate pages, page errors, missing H1 tags, missing descriptions, broken links etc. This tool also comes in a paid version but the free version is so capable that it can easily take care of small and medium businesses.

2. Buzzstream

One good way to build online credibility is to cultivate good relationships with influencers on the world wide web. This has been a time consuming process until now, but Buzzstream is the solution with a faster relationship building process. It enables you have an instant dossier for each influencer to gain an edge on information. It also automates mundane chores like finding and saving contact information and profiles. What impresses most users is the dedicated nature of this tool. It is a wonder tool for making link building more effective, scalable and collaborative. With a devoted team of members and consultants, Buzzstream is certainly the best choice to reach out to the influencers without losing out on the very necessary human touch.

3. SEO-Browser

This is a wonder tool that lets you visualize your site as the search engine would see it. What almost all website builders do after building a website is check it for compatibility with browsers. However, what most of us forget is to check how compatible is the website with search engines. SEO browser lets you know how do search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google and others see your website. This presents the website’s images, content and other elements exactly the way they are viewed by search engine that you wish to target. This is helpful in letting the website owner know which part of his or her website has the maximum impact on the search engine and which part is not reaping desired results. This is by no way possible through any manual process.

4. Quantcast

Ever wondered how good will it be to have a statistical analysis of the visitors to your website? Would it not be helpful to know that 63% of your visitors are aged 24-35 graduate males with an annual income of $200-$250K? Certainly such kind of information will open gates to huge possibilities of improvement in terms of visitor-owner interaction which will eventually raise the website’s search engine performance by a few notches. For example if you sell beauty products online and find that your site’s 80% visitors are ladies, it will be wise to bring in more products for women. Quantcast does just that for you. All you need to do is type in the URL of the website and it will present you with a lot of data in graphical form. The only shortcoming with this tool is that it works for big website only. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to analyze big websites and develop yours on similar lines.

5. Topsy

Topsy is the tool to keep up with the news in the industry. It is a wonder way to find out when and where has your company name been mentioned across the web. Topsy tracks the web searching for tweets, photos, stories, videos and other influences that interest you and merit attention of your website. It is a great tool to discover your presence on the internet and subsequently capitalize on them.
Armed with these 5 SEO tools, you are sure to head towards getting better SEO done for your website and reap more profits than what you currently do.

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International SEO Checklist - infographic

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