12 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Audience Engaged

12 Amazing Ways To Keep Your Audience Engaged

Your blog can be an important tool in marketing your products or building brand awareness online. However, to achieve this objective; you must be ready to engage with your target audience. So how to interact effectively with your site visitors especially in a positive way? In this article, we are going to look at the different tactics and ways you can use to become more engaging with your blog visitors.

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Some of the ways you can use are;

#1 Creating a catchy headline

To attract more attention to the visitors, ensure that you create a catchy heading that will encourage visitors to click and read more.

 #2 Make it easy to post comments

Do not be afraid to request your readers to leave comments about your posts. In addition, make it easier for them to leave such comments. Don't allow your readers to pass through difficult procedures when trying to leave any comments or feedback's about the content you have posted. Always use a good spam filter to help you combat spam and to allow your visitors to comment easily.

#3 Use contests and giveaways

Always encourage your visitors to share your article. You can use incentive such as giveaways or contests whereby they can easily win coupons and other gifts. In addition, you can encourage your visitors to leave comments to increase their chances of winning.

#4 Using metaphors

Metaphors are mostly used to pass complex ideas in a simpler way. When you use them in writing blog posts, they tend to make the posts look more vivid and engaging to the readers. They create imaginary images to the readers thus making your information appear more real and true. They give the reader a sense of belonging as he/she actually captures exactly what you are trying to talk about thus making your conversation more engaging. Whenever you are trying to make an impact to any audience, always use metaphors in the content you are posting.

#5 Humor

When used naturally and appropriately, humor can be the best tool to grab your audience attention. Humor keeps your audience awake and very alert. As you are aware, laughter triggers a body hormone known as adrenaline. This hormone increases your audience level of attention and increases their long term retention of knowledge. Always keep your audiences laughing by using humor in your blogs.

#6 Make it easier to share

Allow your visitors to share your blog content. You can add a share button to the popular social media sites so that your readers can just click on them to share the content.

#7 Get to know your audience

By doing this, you will know what message you will be offering. From the background knowledge of your targeted audience, you can create a common enemy with your audience. Post all important messages about the content you are talking about. Become a professor in that field; inform your audience all what they need to know about each topic.

#8 Inspire you followers

If you are engaging people from a company blog, it is not advisable to keep on bragging about your products always. Do not concentrate about how good your product is, but how you will help the clients face their products. Update them about the current problem they are facing and how they can avoid such problems in future. Inspire the client to change their beliefs about the problem and inspire them to take action and solve them.

#9 Use of polls

Add a poll on your blog in order to collect your visitors' opinions.

#10 Tell stories

Make your blogs relatable by sharing interesting stories. Be conversational stories e.g. you can share stories about your personal experiences.

#11 Post informative, interesting and reliable posts

Many people love reading the truth. Use statistics and research that have been done as a reference to the content you have posted. This creates loyal readers to your blog as they are sure to get reliable information from your page. Most of the readers will be willing to seek for your advice as they are sure the will receive quality response.

#12 Comment on posts

Always be willing to comment on the posts in good time. Commenting on posts allows you to engage with your audience and keeps them willing to chat.

These are some of the ways you can use to keep your audience engaged.

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The guest articles is contributed by Jason Smith is an online manager for Hermance - a leading distributor of helical cutterhead. He is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.
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