Secrets to Business Success – Using the Social Media Industry [2 infographics]

Secrets to Business Success – Using the Social Media Industry [2 infographics]
Social media is prolific to say the least these days and people from all demographics are either using it or are at least aware of its existence – Facebook now has 1.19 billion monthly users and a according to Edison Research & Arbitron study found 89% of Americans 12 years and older are at least familiar with Twitter.
Businesses have been quick to capitalize upon social media trends, but how many of them are using social media effectively? It would seem that the number of businesses making the most of social media is actually quite low, so here are a few considerations to mull over when looking for new and innovative ways to use social media.

View social media as a way to deliver value not as a tool

If you’re to use social media successfully you need to view social media not as a tool but rather as a way to deliver value.
What are your business’s values? If you are to use social media effectively you need to understand your business’s values and put them across to your target audience using social media.
Too many businesses see social media as a promotional tool and not a way of way of delivering value (see below), so think of the values your business wishes to communicate to your target audience – sustainability, employment ethics, community involvement – and communicate these values using well written content.

Understand your target audience and target them using social media

If you are to successfully interact with your target audience using social media you must first understand them and use your understanding of the way they use social media to target them. See this infographic:

A trap that many businesses fall into when using social media to interact with and target their audience is targeting them entirely with promotions. This is a mistake because it presumes that audiences are only interested in commerce and not corporate responsibility.
A better way to interact with and target an audience is to use social media marketing tools like SimplyMeasured to gain a better understanding of their audience and then with the findings, target them with both content and promotions.

Formulate a clear, defined social media strategy

Without a clearly defined social media strategy there’s little chance of your business using social media successfully.
According to the social media monitoring company Brandwatch, only 38 percent of business entities surveyed admitted to possessing a clearly defined social media strategy. See this infographic for more:
social media in B2B marketing stats figures and facts - infographic

Social Media Marketing in the B2B Arena Still Needs Improvement - Infographic

This isn’t only somewhat alarming, it’s actually good news for your business because it means that there exists an opportunity for your business to get a head start on the competition.
Therefore before your business becomes overly active on social media websites, hire a professional internet marketer and take the time to sit down with a social media consultant to formulate a clearly defined social media strategy that enables you to successfully target and interact with your target audience.

Content is still king

Don’t overlook the benefits of good content either because as mentioned above, your target audience isn’t only interested in promotions – they want content that appeals to their interests.
Educate yourself as to what good content is and then use content that you believe will interest your audience. Check its performance to ensure your audience responds well to it and where necessary make changes.
Good content can help your business come across as more authentic and transparent, plus it will help you to build a better relationship with your client base.
Take the points made here into consideration when looking for new and innovative ways to use social media to enhance your business’s success.

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