5 Key Tips to Indexing Your Blog Quickly and Easily

5 Key Tips to Indexing Your Blog Quickly and Easily
Getting your site indexed fast is important. Yes, it'll still be online before it's on the search engines, but only people you've directly given the URL to will be able to find it. Most people need search engine traffic for their site to be successful, and you can't get that before your site has been indexed. It's like getting your business listed in the telephone directory - you'll still exist beforehand, but not many people will know about it.
When you start a new blog or website, it's important that you get it indexed as quickly as possible before you do any other work on it. Many people like to start building backlinks and adding content to their site before it's even been indexed by search engines, but you really should wait. Google (and other search engines) tend to crawl the internet at regular intervals, cataloging new sites and adding them to the "index" before they'll be viewable in search results. Your site might exist, but nobody will be able to find it through Google before it's been indexed.You don't just need to wait for your main site to be indexed, as each new post you publish will need to be indexed too, before you can start promoting your content or blog post. We're going to look at some of the best ways of getting your new site or blog post indexed fast, so you can focus on promoting it and bringing in new visitors.
Whilst the process of indexing may vary slightly depending on which search engine you're focusing on, most like to optimize for Google as it's seen as the most important (and biggest). Google uses a Googlebot to crawl the internet and find new pages, along with updating the information is has on existing pages. This is to keep the search results as up-to-date and relevant as possible. So what are the best ways to get your site indexed by Google?

1. Ping your site

The first step is to use a free service like pingomatic.com or pingler.com (there are others) to "notify" the internet of your site, by pinging your new URL. This is one of the best and most-neglected easy ways to get your site indexed fast, and when used with a couple of the following methods, could get your site listed in as little as 24 hours.

2. Bookmark your site

The next step is to bookmark your site on a number of social bookmarking services. Start with bizsugar.com, and then head over to sites like stumbleupon.com and reddit.com to share your website URL. These are popular social networking sites that Google crawls regularly, so the theory is that your site will get noticed much sooner.

3. Create a sitemap

One of the best ways to let Google know that your site has had any changes is with a sitemap, which is an XML document stored on your server. A sitemap lists all the pages on your website and let's search engines know when a new page has been added. You can get a sitemap plugin for WordPress that creates everything you need automatically.
Once you've got your sitemap, you should use Google's Webmaster Tools to notify them of it.

4. Submit your URL to search engines

Whilst some think that this is a needless step because most search engines will crawl your site automatically, it only takes a few minutes. One thing to remember is that although Google might be the biggest search engine, you shouldn't neglect the others. So submit your site to Bing and Yahoo (along with any others you can think of).

5. Share your link on Social networks

Along with uploading your site to your preferred social bookmarks, you need to share the link on Facebook and Twitter in as many status updates as possible. Don't get spammy, but make sure you get your URL "out there" and noticed on your favorite social networks. This will alert search engines with tracking signals. Gone are the days where you can ignore the social network - Google+ and Pinterest, they now hold a lot of importance and are valuable to Google as an indications of relevance.

What next?

When you've done all these, you simply need to sit back and wait. Theoretically, you could get your site indexed fast with only a couple of these steps, but there's no point cutting corners and delaying things unnecessarily. These steps shouldn't take much more than an hour, and they'll set your site up for getting indexed as quickly as possible.

Don't forget to wait for your site to be indexed before you start getting backlinks, as this is important. It shouldn't take too long. With these steps, your site might get indexed in under a day. Let me know in the comments what ways do you use to index your new blog quickly.

Also check out this infographic that illustrating some effective ways to boost your blog visibility on the net and how to go viral with guest blogging.
infographic - Benefits of Guest Blogging: 8 Ways to Boost Brand/website Awareness and Discover New Trends: Key Tips to Indexing Your Blog Quickly and Easily
infographic by inboudvisibility - Benefits of Guest Blogging: 8 Ways to Boost Brand/website Awareness

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