10 Best Blogging Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Best Blogging Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]
According to a report the number of public blogs on the internet is 156 million and more than 77 percent of users on internet read these blogs on regular basis. So who do you make blogging work for you. Whether you are thinking to start your new blog or already doing it like a pro or looking for some new ways to boost your internet presence here are 10 best blogging practices that will help you stand out in the crowd and reach new audiences that you want.

Find an easy-to-use platform and set expectation

Establish a blog! WordPress is a trusted platform that is easy to use. Set a schedule for how often you plan to post as you get started, brainstorm different post ideas for content, and determine who will be contributing to the blog.

Create consistency with your brand

make sure your brand is recognizable! Include your logo and an "About us" section with contact information on your blog. Use colors that are complimentary to your logo and site. Finally be sure to include a link to your website and social media buttons so your readers can connect with you across multiple channels.

Provide great information not promotion

It is important that your posts provide value for your readers. They want to get to know your business and find content that is engaging with their interests. Share your favorite inspirations, feature recent events, provide how tos from your are of expertise. Finally, be sure to write in your own voice to show your personality.

Get inspired by pop culture and trends

What movies, celebrities, colors, fashion trends and styles patterns are grabbing your attention? Use trends and pop culture to help drive your blogging inspiration. Chances are if you are intrigued by the Pantone Color of the year of fashion from the Great Gatsby, your readers (and target clients) will be too!

Be creative - Let your personality shine!

The internet industry is highly creative, so be sure to share what makes you unique. This will inspire and impress your readers, who will respect your passion for the business and enjoy your latest fun ideas. Sharing your creativity will also help them to envision you as their professional for their special event.

Think SEO-friendly, but don't let it control you

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for your business. You should be mindful of the best keywords and tags for your posts, but don't let this content distract you from writing posts that you find interesting, useful and unique. The more frequently you post, the more content and links you will build over time, and the more you promote your posts on social media - the more visits and exposure your blog will get naturally.

Keep an eye on industry blogs

Be sure to follow industry blogs for the latest content and hot topics. Create a blog roll with your favorites, and share posts that inspire you with your own networks to build industry knowledge. Also, follow other business' in the industry to see how they post, and their most engaging topics!

Keep design simple and photo big

Images are extremely engaging and blog posts with great photos are more likely to capture your audience. Focus on sharing detail shots of your work and let the photos tell the story of your business when you can.
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Take readers behind the scenes

Consider an "inside peek" series on your blog to show what it is like working at your company, or in your service category. Show how you get ready for big events, at look into your typical day or work-space and the people who make your business great. readers will love this personal connection to your business.

Post regularly

Regular posts will keep your readers coming back for more! While posting several times a week may seem daunting at first, if you set aside time each day for the blog, it will easily be part of your routine. Time can be dedicated to brainstorming, finding great infographics, drafting content or getting inspired reading your favorite blogs.

How to make blogging work for you - Ten best blogging practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic by: Weddingwire.com


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