The Blog Economy - Latest Blogging Statistics [Infographic]

Did you know that, the word "Blog" was first coined in 1997, when John Barger called his website a "WebLog", now there are more than 6 million active bloggers in the world, on other side 12 million people blog via social networks. Moreover 77 percent of internet users visit blogs, while small business who have a blog, generate 126% more sales and leads. TheHuffingtonPost is the top blog in the world with 2,330,000 monthly income. These statistics shows that a blog is an easy and effective online tool to market any small business. Still not convinced check out IgniteSpot's infographic that illustrates some latest blogging statistics including why blogging is good for your business, the types of bloggers, the evolution of blogging, how much do bloggers earn, some most common ways to generate revenue and top 10 highest earning blogs.

Useful Tips and tricks

Buy a good domain name.

Use a cheap and reliable web hosting solution.

Choose the advertising that is right for your blog.

Use affiliate programs to sell others' products.

Market your services to readers.

Write quality content.

Use SEO techniques to attract visitors to your blog.

The Blog Economy - Latest Blogging Statistics [Infographic]


  1. Interesting Article. What is the average lifespan of a blog? I think it will be interesting to know the "half-life" of blogs as against how many are born each day

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