18 Creative Ways Small Business Can Earn Links (infographic)

There are many ways to make connections and earn natural and powerful links online that are especially vital for small businesses. Look through this special series of datagraphics to find out the numerous different ways to build organic links through offline and online networking. And remember, networking is always a two way street; whatever you offer, think about how you can return the favor.

Networking in your community is always a smart business decision, but consider how it can help your internet marketing efforts. Links to your business can find a home on high-ranking pages, as a sponsor, within a quote, or as a resource for your business, simply by incorporating these networking actions.

  1. Assist in volunteer work. 
  2. Have an open house and invite local influencers. 
  3. Create partnerships with similar providers. 
  4. Start a scholarship. 
  5. Join the better Business Bureau. 
  6. Provide a corporate discount to students.

Networking in the business community can certainly help boost contacts, but successful business also recognize the value of networking in internet marketing efforts. Your business can gain online visibility by offering a white paper or free e-book, with a resource list, or even giving away an industry secret or two. Networking can be made simple with these creative online actions.

  1. Create a resource list for your industry. 
  2. Create a whitepaper and get quoted. 
  3. Answer commonly asked questions via blog or video. 
  4. Create unique images and use the creative common license. 
  5. Give away industry secrets. 
  6. offer a visually, well designed free e-book 

The business community thrives on networking efforts, and smart business know the importance of networking in internet marketing. Whether it's speaking at a conference or connecting with others in your office complex, there is always an opportunity to reach out and network to boost your business. Consider these ideas to get the ball rolling.

  1. Give away products or services. 
  2. Speak at a conference. 
  3. Have an influential trade show booth. 
  4. Make attention-grabbing titles. 
  5. Talk to your family and friends. 
  6. Connect with others in your office complex.

How Small Businesses Can Earn Links - infographic

Datagraphics by Vertical Measures.
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