10 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic]

10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic]
Facebook, without a doubt, is a king of social media. So it is vital for businesses to have a well-managed presence on Facebook to gain attention of their target audience.
There are hundreds of social networks out there, but your Facebook page should be your most active social media profile of them all. Because it's a source of free advertising (kind of) and the best way to spread the word about your brand or business in a fun and engaging way.
Along with building your audience the way you communicate and engage can also play an important role in the success of social media efforts, and this is often time overlooked.
So how do you craft your Facebook posts that drive massive numbers of likes, increase in reach and comments. Here, we've compiled 10 best practices in the infographic (in collaboration with socialclinch.com) to help you increase your Facebook page engagement.
10 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic]

Show your personality

A recent study by IBM reveals that social voice can help to increase the marketing effectiveness by up to 54 percent. So it's obvious that people use Facebook to connect and find info, if you really want to engage with them, avoid sales pitching and buy buy buy. Listen up, talk  to them and show your personality.

Ask question

Every customer on Facebook want to be heard and questions let them use their voice in the form of comments. Moreover question tend to drive engagement up by 10 to 20 percent.

Use images

Posts with images get 39 percent more interaction.

Provide and inside look at your company

People are curious by nature, they always want to learn more about a brand they love so provide what's happening behind the scenes and stories are a great way to enhance your FB page credibility.

Stay specific

Your fans don't like long articles and boring content. Keep your posts concise, accurate and clear.

Use your fan's content

Your followers love to see their images and their friends' content shared by brands. Use their photos every few weeks to engage them.

Keep posts simple

Simple status updates e.g short quote achieve the most engagement.

Be persistent

Sharing is caring. Be consistent and provide your audience the needed info.

Love your followers

Tell them that they matter you the most, like you are the chicken to our noodle, it will also help to be creative in the way you express it so that it adds some fun.

Have fun

Using memes and jokes is a good way to get more interaction. If you are able to entertain, educate and inform them in your posts, you will get more likes and shares that ultimately leads to more engagement.

These are just a few tips you can apply to increase your Facebook business page engagement. For best results you should check your Page Insights to understand which time and which type of post works for you.

Let me know in the comments - How have you increased your Facebook page likes, reach, comments and shares? And your tips for engagement?

image by: mkhmarketing
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