4 Effective Ways To Stand Out In The Evolving Inbox [infographic]

image: 4 Effective Ways To Stand Out In The Evolving Inbox [infographic]
Although email isn't a new medium, the way we communicate through email is changing. technology, software and user behavior all influence the way we interact with our inboxes.
Check out this infographic by weddingwire that takes a closer look on four tips to stand out in today's inbox!

Optimize for mobile devices - With 44% of emails worldwide opened on a mobile device, your customers are likely reading emails, on a variety of screen sizes. make your emails mobile-friendly by using column of content with big, tappable buttons, no clutter and large fonts against a contrasting background.

Personalize what you have - You can personalize emails to include the recipient's name, but also consider sending emails with content that specific to their event type or date, or any other personal details to provide the most relevant content and information for each person.

Pay attention to provider updates - Be aware of email platform changes that could affect the way your emails are received by your subscribers. In new Gmail tabs, marketing emails, are treated differently from 1:1 personal emails. Consider how these changes in the inbox might affect your email strategy.

Avoid the spam filter - Today's spam filters operate less on content filtering and more on subscribers' engagement with your emails. If you're sending a helpful and relevant message, your subscribers will open and engage with it rather than mark it as spam.

Remember, no matter how the inbox changes, one thing will remain the same: Email is communication channel, not an advertising platform.

4 Effective Ways To Stand Out In The Evolving Inbox
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