Listen Up And Utilize Customer Feedback To Identify What Your Audience Wants [INFOGRAPHIC]

Listen Up And Utilize Customer Feedback To Identify What Your Audeince Wants
Customers want to support and engage with companies that aren't just interested in their thoughts and opinions, but actively seek them out. That's why it pays to be recognized as a company with a Voice of the Customers (VOC) culture. Your customers will provide you with helpful brand insight, especially when they know you'll listen and take action. You just need to ask the right questions and remember to follow up. Learn more in following infographic by Getsatisfaction that why rigorously pursuing, analyzing, and utilizing customer feedback is important to distinguish what your audience wants.

Best Practices for Building a Voice of Customer Culture [INFOGRAPHIC], Listen Up And Utilize Customer Feedback To Identify What Your Audeince Wants

Feed back is your brand's life force:
Seeking out and acting on customer feedback shows you're customer-centric company. With 82% of customers researching online before making a purchase, it's important that your brand has a loyal, vocal following.

Brands often seek the most positive feedback possible, but negative customer feedback actually has benefit. Always follow up - Following up on feedback is critical in building your company's VOC. Don't neglect this important step!

Create a community - Forum conversations provide immediate market research - collecting data around customer preferences and feedback, while identifying and incentivizing brand champions to help spread the word.
Promote an online survey or poll across all social channels - These engage customers and promote direct feedback.
Incentivize your participants and offer a grand prize - Reward participation by giving vocal customers recognition - a thank you gift, or even just a badge in your community will do. Encourage through feedback by offering a top prize to customers who ideas you implement.

Collect actionable insight - In your search for customer feedback, seek honest and consistent information throughout all your channels. Stay focused on what you're really after.

Take action - Customers are more likely to fully engage in your community and beyond - becoming brand advocates - if they feel you've listened to their feedback and see changes made.

Analyzing past data says a lot about your audience, but interacting more personally with customers lets them say a lot more - and provides insight into future trends.
If you want to build a company that truly embraces VOC, remember that you have to let that voice be heard.
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