How to Begin a Career in Animation and Multimedia

How to Begin a Career in Animation and Multimedia
Nowadays, there is a huge demand for the professionals in Animation and Multimedia industry. According to a survey by National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), which is the pinnacle body of software and IT services in India, estimates that as of 2012, these two domains have more than three lakh jobs to offer. However, the companies prefer hiring those who are multi-skilled and talented to serve the industry.

Career in animation

Animation professionals are required to address the complexity of multimedia production in projective aspects of design in various industries. As an animator, you will get the opportunities to work in design and communication departments, audiovisual content production for television and film, as well as an independent professional in both local and international markets. To serve this multibillionaire industry, you need to choose the right path, and this can be achieved by:

1. Getting the right information

  • It is important for the individuals to identify their interests and skills. Ask yourself that if you are interested in developing your artistic skills or technical skills, and which is more satisfying for you?
  • Conduct an extensive research on institutes offering animation and multimedia courses, the curriculum and the job placement assistance offered by the institutes.
  • Make a list of animation jobs available in the industry, and also the skills required for such jobs. Find jobs that best match your skills, profile and interest.
Apart from designing, training and degree programs in animation provides training on various forms of computer aided digital audio production as well, such as sequencing, digital recording, studio-recording techniques, mixing and video synchronization. Animation is deep rooted in music business and technologies for designing audio and videos for the Web, thus opens up new avenues of job opportunities.

2. Required Skills

Competition rules the job market, so it is the skill set of an individual that draws a line of differentiation between an average artist and a good artist. Make sure that you have those skills, which are required to give a competitive edge to others, some of those skills are:
  • Innovative ideas and quality work
  • Good observation skills
  • Creative hand
  • Technical knowledge
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership and ownership qualities

      3. Identifying your field of interest

      Animation has offered numerous job opportunities for the individuals and has served as an integral part of many industries, hence, it becomes very important to identify your area of interest so that you can excel in your field. According to your skills and interest, some of these avenues are:
      • Animation and Visual Effects
      • 3D Visualization
      • Animated e-learning
      • Online animated content for websites
      • Games for Mobiles, Consoles and computers 

          Currently the 3D animation is one of the most widely used techniques in the film and television industry. It can give a new dimension to various design elements, characters and settings. By using 3D animation techniques, you can create striking images full of movement and realism. To work as an animation professional, you should have learned techniques such as pose generation, time sequences, stretching, overlapping action and staging. These jobs demand creative and technical skill sets, and the companies mostly look out for creative professionals with sound technical knowledge. It is completely up to you to understand the requirement and see if it matches your interests and skill sets or not.


          Everywhere multimedia is gaining ground in the market and in our daily lives. In addition, with the increase in outsourcing works, it can work for leading international companies from almost anywhere.

          The demand for multimedia specialists is increasing

          Demanded skills include knowledge of graphic design, digital video, web design, animation, video and interactive multimedia. So if multimedia is a good choice for you, but where should you start? Get enrolled to multimedia courses where you can get to learn the latest multimedia technologies, learn from instructors and gain practical experience in this domain.

          Job prospects

          The animation and multimedia professionals can choose from their areas of interest, which include production work in television and cinema, broadcast journalism, medical industry, script writing, graphics design, 3D modeling and digital media.

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          1. In today's world there is a huge demand of animation and I also a big fan of this carrer and looking forward to be a part of that. So i found very nice info about animation on your post which is great for the beginners. Thank you So much for sharing.


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          3. Wonderful blog! I'd like to add a little. Anyone can seek out a career in computer animation, regardless of any measure of artistic talent; all that you need is to know what you want, and to be willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve it. This article gives a basic set of guidelines on where to start, and a little advice on how to pursue your chosen field. thanks!~ Ketty Williams :)

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