How To Attract More Visitors By Writing Killer Blog Titles

How To Attract More Visitors By Writing Killer Blog Titles

If you ask any social media strategist that what is the key to remaining in internet business and which one tool is essential for every modern small business, I'm sure that their answer would include that a quality blog and content marketing is the key to success; and no doubt it will remain the future of the internet.

When it comes to "building a blog" there are many smart ways to generate traffic to blog, but did you know there are some popular post titles that can drive massive amount of traffic to any new blog.

Your post headlines are the number one thing that will drive traffic to your blog. Spend some time crafting a killer headline.

Titles that work

1. Numbered list - 10 big social media mistakes everyone makes.

2. How tos - How-to write a blog post that drives 10x more traffic.

3. Case study - How we grew our Pinterest followers 10 times in the week.

4. Lessons learned - Top lessons learned about marketing from watching Hells Kitchen.

5. Reason why - Why you can't afford to ignore blogging.

6. Proactive question - Are you making the 10 biggest mistakes in digital marketing.

7. News Headline - Announcing new blogging for business training this October.

8. Direct and specific - Free Google+ report! or Latest Social media statistics.

9. Command - Get better results tomorrow by reading this post.

10. Irresistible - How Google changes may be destroying your email strategy.

5 tips for success

1. Create a sense of urgency!
2. Be ultra specific.
3. Provide unique value.
4. Make it useful.
5. Use proactive language.

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