27 Great Ways To Get More Traffic In Small Marketing Budget

27 Proven Ways To Get More Traffic In Small Marketing Budget

Here's the infographic guide by Crawford and O'Brien in which you learn 27 best ways to get more traffic on your blog or website in small marketing budget.


You can get $.01 clicks on YouTube from people who want to see your videos. YouTube is one of the secret PPC methods out there that won't be secret for much longer. Google is advertising video PPC now, so by the end of 2013, they cost will start rising significantly. But for now, it's still hot. Create a video that promotes your business (or a specific product). Setup YouTube ads through Google Adwords. Bid low and focus on keywords related to what people are searching for. Use the Google Adwords keyword tool. YouTube has a keyword tool as well, but it's not as good...so get most of your data from the Google Adwords keyword tool.


LinkedIn is a powerful way to generate leads. It's great because it's still relatively new and not many people are advertising yet - similar to YouTube. You can target people based on their skills - which is very valuable. So if you want to target dentists in between the age of 55-60 who have cosmetic dentistry skills, then you can. You can also leverage LinkedIn by creating groups and inviting your connections into those groups. Then post valuable content, and people will want to connect with you.


You can submit a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation to sites like slideshare.net and rank it on Google for you target keywords. You can also get the same piece of content shared to other sites like slideshare. Not only can you get traffic, but you get quality links. That's the real reason. So this is more of an SEO method, but it's one that is often overlooked.


One of the best ways to build a loyal following is to do a weekly podcast that offers valuable content. Think about Joe Polish and Dean Jackson from I Love Marketing. They do a weekly podcast that offers great content related to marketing, and they have a huge following. Plus, that pretty much encompasses all the content they post on their blog. So you can re-purpose content. If you record a podcast, you could write a blog post with the same simple message or idea. You could also create a video on YouTube. You could create social media posts talking about the same idea. Don't copy and paste - but essentially you can turn one message into a bunch of different forms of content that people love.


Re-targeting is when you show ads to people who previously came to your website but left without them taking the action you wanted them to. Have you ever noticed how ads from various sites you've previously visited never seem to go away? That's retargeting in action. It's very powerful and very cheap. Generally, it's at least 50% the cost of traditional Adwords. That's mostly due to the fact that fewer people do retargeting. They don't know about it yet. It continues to grow in popularity, but is ripe to dominate now.


For guest posting, ideally this is what you would do. Guest post on high authority websites. That way you get great link juice, and you build your brand and a following. But there's another side to blogging. How about you get famous people to write a blog post for your blog and tweet out the finished post to their list? Sound pretty good? They will send you a bunch of traffic. You can pay them if you need to, but most of the time you can get it done for free. You're offering them a little value as  well - they are getting a link from your site.

Having said all this, I don't want you to get overwhelmed. All these strategies work, but there are some that will bring you a higher return on your time and money. All these marketing strategies are something you could definitely outsource to a competent firm.

Taken from: 27 Proven Marketing Strategies to Double Your Traffic/Leads in Under 30 Days
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