6 Ways of Testing Your Own Limits

6 Ways of Testing Your Own Limits infographic

You can do what you want!

Fast business Canada says that great entrepreneurs aren't satisfied with comfort. They push their own limits and stretch their comfort zones to achieve greatness.

So how to push yourself and what are the ways to boost your limits?
Try these 6 'easy to adopt' ways of testing your own limits and get a little taste of what your own success could taste like.

infographic by: Plecpa.com

6 Ways To Push Your Limits

Face Your Fear

Make a list of the things you're really afraid of - all of them (yes, even spiders) - start small and take on each of these fears one at a time. Celebrate your successes and enlist the help of a professional if needed.

Quit Trying To Be Perfect

Stop focusing so much time and energy on presenting a perfect image. You've imposed these ridiculously high standards on yourself, break this illusion of perfection. People will accept you for who you are.

Get A Partner

Two heads are better than one. You may work well on your own, but some endeavors just can't be accomplished without a partner. Having someone who shares your successes (and failures) can provide you with a feeling of security that will allow you to take the risks you fear most. Which often reap the greatest rewards.

Learn To Let Go

Don't let a fear of the unknown keep you from achieving success. Let go of your expectations and take measured risks. The trick is to gamble with the things you are willing to lose. Taking a few losses will teach you something about these things on how to improve them so that they no longer carry as much of a risk.

Make New Friends

You and your friends likely share many things in common. Great. Now go out and make new friends who challenge you by bringing out your more adventurous side. Choose the company of people who are more daring and require you to be open-minded.

Visualize Success

Allot a few minutes of your day-everyday-to envisioning what your personal success looks like, and remember to be detailed. Visualizing your success will allow your mind to become more open to taking the risks associated with it. Go for it, take the time to dream... and dream BIG.
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