Happiness And Career Success [Infographic]

Image: Happiness And Career Success

If you want career success and happiness, you need to work harder, right? It makes a lot of sense, but researchers are now wondering whether it's the other way around. Is it possible that people get a lot of career success because they are happy? A series of studies measured the positive effect of people at the beginning of the study and then positive outcomes some time later in the future. The studies aimed to prove that happiness leads to career success, and not the other way around.

Source: noomii.com 

Evidence That Happiness Causes Career Success

Happier people are more likely to get a 2nd interview. Happiness was measured before they applied for the job. Researchers measured the positive effect of insurance salesmen when they got hired.  A year later, they discovered that the happier salesmen (as measured before they started working) sold more insurance and were twice as likely to still be in the job. They sold more insurance because they were happier to begin with.

Happy People Miss Fewer Work Days

They are also less likely to lose their jobs. These studies show that happier, more positive people are more likely to get hired in the first place, tend to have more job satisfaction, perform better on the job, and miss fewer days. Leading to a new model for happiness and career success.

Work Happier, Not Harder

Sure, hard work is important. But the newly discovered trigger to being more successful in your career is to develop the psychological resources to be able to work harder (and smarter) by increasing your own positivity.
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