How To Use Social Media Platforms To Get Hired [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Use Social Media Platforms To Get Hired [INFOGRAPHIC]
Do you know that the number of unemployed in the UK is currently 2.51 million. And 1 out of 10 new job seekers are now rejected because of their social record, so it's becoming increasingly vital to behave yourself across social networking sites. A single update on Twitter or Facebook could make or break your new job offer.
See this infographic by MyCleverAgency team to find out why social media is important from the point of a recruiter and how to use it to improve your job search.

How To Use Social Media Platforms To Get Hired [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Important statistics from infographic

How are recruiters and job seekers using social media?

38% job seekers and 93 percent recruiters use LinkedIn.
While 66 percent recruiters prefer Facebook to hire and 52% of job seekers use Facebook.

What helps you on social media?

19% of HR managers said they found something to convince them to hire an individual.

Using social media platforms to get hired


Making more than 70 connections, will move your profile up in the LinkedIn search rankings putting you on the radar of more like-minded people and companies.

Ask former bosses for a recommendation, don't be afraid. Also have your colleagues and friends endorse your work and expertise.

Remember this is a business network - use the most professional photo you own. When sending out emails it's also worth linking your LinkedIn page with the email signature.


Graph Search
Use Facebook's graph search to find people in your network who work in the industry you're targeting. This is much like LinkedIn connections features, but a lot of people don't thing to use it this way.

These stay in friend's feeds longer than status updated. Use them to describe your needs and job interests.

Customize your privacy settings as required. And never ever bad-mouth a previous boss/organization.

Instead of trying to friend influential and industry experts, subscribe to their Facebook feed. This will give you an insight into their world and may give you that edge needed.


Follow relevant people in your field. Also follow several companies you want to work for, since many will tweet job listings.

You can use Twitter to discover 'what is in trend', follow organizations and businesses you want to work for.

Build lists for people across different disciplines. Join chats, interact and lead conversations. You should also initiate discussions with people to get inspired.


Sign Up
If you really want to get the recruiter's attention, then, Google Plus is the right place to be over the coming months. Having a G+ profile will also help you to rank in Google search.

Complete your work history, skills and fill in your previous experience so recruiters can find you. If you are active on other social media sites add these links to your profile.

Join different G+ communities, interact with people and actively share your content. This will help you to meet with like-mind people.

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