5 Challenges for Better Sales [infographic]

5 Challenges for Better Sales [infographic]
Your sales team should already consist of Olympians. They have the passion and focus to take on tremendous trials and overcome any obstacle. If you've assembled an A-team, your sales people are clever, resourceful, and motivated. They're well-trained and ready to work as a team, and with a sales effectiveness solution that actually helps them, they should have no problem taking on the 5 challenges of better sales!
5 Challenges for Better Sales Team [infographic]
infographic by: Cloudtweaks.com/5-challenges-for-better-sales | sap.com

Challenge # 1: Accurately forecast business - 54.1 of teams need improvement. Use personalized sales analytics to consistently crush your sales quota.

Challenge # 2: Effectively share best practices across the sales force - 41.2 Percent of teams need improvement. Foster greater team collaboration to accelerate and maximize win rates.

Challenge # 3: Farm additional deals from existing customers - 47.2% of teams need improvement. Turn real-time account history into an opportunity with customer-specific price quotes and proposals on the spot.

Challenge # 4: Spot the best opportunities - 44.2% of teams need improvement. Use deep sales insights to identify and work the best opportunities.

Challenge # 5: Effectively communicate with customers - 34.5% if teams need improvement. Use mobile apps to help you be relevant in every customer meeting to improve customer experience and loyalty.

If your company can surmount these 5 challenges, your sales team is unstoppable. It's the complete solution to making your sales organization wildly successful.

image by: Topshelfsales.wordpress.com/how-to-get-your-sales-team-motivated-crushing-targets

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