The Social Media Revolution - A New Era in Digital Marketing

Social media has revolutionized our lives in ways that many still do not understand. It has propelled the idea of a global village, increased internet usage, and opened up new doors for business ideas such as Vines, apps, YouTube and platform integration. What’s fascinating is that the so-called social media revolution is a golden era for marketing professionals. Here is a look at how the social media ‘revolution’ is unfolding.

App Sharing Unlimited

Regardless of the platform they are made or deployed on; apps are now being integrated into social media platforms now more than ever. You can compete with your friends on mobile games, share your cooking experiences from a recipe app, and even post your photos from a traffic app. You can even post answers from knowledge base software directly onto a social media stream. Marketing professionals have started to hone in on sharing trends, allowing them to create even more effective marketing strategies.

Mass Website Integration

Slowly, mass website integration has crept into our lives. Websites such as Soundcloud, Yahoo! and Grooveshark allows you to sign in with your Google, Facebook and/or Twitter credentials. This not only allows you to use the websites but effortlessly share information with the world. Analysts predict an increasing number of websites following suit. This integration has made marketing and even ad placement even more effective than before. By accessing websites with social media credentials, you allow websites to market their product, service or information on your news feed.

The Increased use of Knowledge Bases

A knowledge base is simply a source of information which has been collected over time and organized in such a way that it makes it not only easily accessible but readable. This information can be accessed by automated software or humble people like you and I. FAQs are possibly the most common examples of knowledge bases – a collection of common questions with expert answers already provided. Contrary to popular belief knowledge base software is changing the way social media works. These software allows businesses and individuals to access information that enables them to provide an enhanced social media experience. Knowledge base software also makes answering questions posed by users easier than ever before. It also makes room for more frequent and better interaction.

Video Sharing

The mobile app Vine has opened up a whole new door to video sharing. By centralizing the video database, anyone can access the videos. Moreover, by limiting the video length to 7 seconds, it maintains interest among social media users. It was not long before marketing entrepreneurs found a use of such software. Dunkin Donuts and Columbia Records have successfully integrated video sharing into their marketing campaigns.

IPO (Initail public offering)

Possibly one of the biggest developments in social media was the IPO of Facebook, revolutionizing the way it was used and the features it offered. In fact, it opened up a golden door for marketing professionals, providing new tools and ideas for marketing their product and service. Now, it seems that other titans are following suit. In recent news, Twitter filed for an IPO. This filing could radically change the social media experience of Twitter and its fellow tweeters. It could change the way Sponsored Tweets work and, more importantly, it could open new avenues for marketers.

Now More than Entertainment

Social media Titans such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter were primarily used for online social interaction among people like you and I. Today, health professionals, company employees, school students, valued customers and even entrepreneurs interact on social media websites. This has allowed businesses to market their product or service on a new platform. With changes in sponsored advertisements, news feed algorithms, knowledge base software and user interactivity, the marketing potential is virtually unlimited. Whether it is seeking advice, finding information or even an appointment, the use of social media has expanded to an unfathomable scale. Best of all, the momentum is not decreasing. In fact, social media has become a coin – each side telling a different story. For marketing professionals, this side of the coin is glowing - The Golden Era.

About author: This guest article is written by Sameer Bhatia. He has a background in technology with a Masters in Computer Science from University Of Southern California and is an ed-tech industry veteran. He is CEO and founder of, ProProfs offers online learning tools for testing, creating, and applying knowledge. Through its Knowledgebase Software, ProProfs offers marketers and trainers powerful yet simple options while not requiring them to download or learn difficult program.
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