Best Practices On How To Make A Perfect LinkedIn Profile

A majority of 85 percent of social media marketers say LinkedIn marketing is more effective than Facebook or Google+ for B2B audience. However, there are still some folks who get thwarted before achieving their goals.
So how to get found by targeted audience on LinkedIn? How to make an impress profile that attracts your prospects when they search for you. This infographic by LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro and a video at the end by Brian Loebig shows how to create a perfect LinkedIn profile.

21 Tips On How To Make A Perfect LinkedIn Profile - infographic

Join and be active on 50 groups of your industry.

Don't hesitate to add any significant media attention or awards for added credibility.

Recommendations are extremely important! Have no less than 10 on your profile.

Make sure you tell people to click to play video or it may not be obvious enough.

Add a video or slideshow using LinkedIn's new multimedia feature.

Communicate directly to your target audience so they can self-identify.

Use keywords you want to be found for throughout your summary and profile.

Update your status daily with useful content that provides value to your target audience.

Customize your blog or site names with terms that attract your target audience rather than putting your company name.

Add all relevant contact information about yourself.

Reach more than 500 connection for social proof and extending network.

Picture should always be professionally taken.

Headline description should be attractive.

Name place should only contain your full name.

Also Take a look at the below social media webinar video by Brian Loebig dedicated to business owners to provide LinkedIn profile tips and best practices for their business success.
You've an awesome and client focused LinkedIn profile now what? Next you'll need an ultimate marketing strategy.

Explode opportunities
Use advanced search to find prospects, review the connections of people in your contacts. Join relevant LinkedIn groups where your target audience is.

Expand your network
Send personalized connection request and tell the person why you want to connect.

Engage connections
Reach out after connecting. Provide value to new contacts and don't give them a sales pitch.

Establish relationships
Serve as a connector for your connections, introduce them and facilitate relationships. Share valuable content. Show interest to generate interest.

Always remember to personalize your message when sending a connection request. Follow up with everyone you connect with. Only ask those you know for a LinkedIn recommendation.


  1. Pretty awesome infographic! Thanks for the share... could learn a lot here.

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