How to Create Interesting Social Media Accounts for Businesses

image: How to Create Interesting Social Media Accounts for Businesses

With the use of social media use at an all time high, many large and small businesses are turning to the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and many others to help promote and advertise their products. Without question, the most popular social media outlet for different types of businesses is the ever growing Facebook. Having more than 9 million current business related users and accounts, this gigantic networking resource has just released its "Timeline" outline for business related accounts.

Research your Customer Demographics
Maybe somewhat obvious, when creating a social media account for your business, you must know exactly who you are trying to reach and why. In order to have an effective and profit-creating social networking channel you must define, in depth, a variety of specific demographics like age, race, gender, household income, geographical location, educational background, shopping trends and habits, community organizations, family size and local selling capabilities. In addition to the extensive market research that is required, before launching your company's social media webpage, a list of of various, specific questions will need to be asked like:

· Who do we want our customer's to be?
· How will we get new customer's and maintain repeat customer's?
· How can we show that our product is the best choice for consumers?
· What will separate our site from the competition?
· How can we logistically reach our intended target market?
· Does our target market frequent social media outlets? If not, does do other potential demographics use these sites?
· How will we respond to customer posts and inquiries?
If your company is luckily enough to have a large majority of intended customers online, than you must quickly figure out a large assortment of ways to reach them and maintain their intention. Because there are millions of social media business advertisements and promotions, you organization must be, head and shoulders, above the competition.

Create an Attention Grabbing, Effective Social Media Profile
Because there are literally millions of businesses that currently use social media websites as a marketing tool, it's important to make sure that your webpage stands out. To successfully do this, you will need to create smart, effective posts that people genuinely are interested in reading. If the information that is provided on your social media site does immediately gain the attention of users, consumer traffic will continually be low as your Facebook, Twitter or other outlet advertisements will inevitably fail. A good way to make sure that shoppers repeatedly visit your company's page is by involving them in your campaign. This can be done in a variety of ways by offering special discounts to your followers, giving certain promotional items away for those who visit your site a specific amount of times or by directly relating to their shopping experiences, needs and wants. In addition to this, you must make sure that your social media site is attractive and created professional to show that you are truly one of the best places for consumers to shop. By developing a generic networking site for your organization, your business will not be utilizing or maximizing the marketing capabilities. By continually showing each one of your followers something that they have not seen before, your business will definitely be putting itself far ahead of the competition. This could easily be the difference between having a successful business related social media site or quickly becoming inefficient in what your initial goals were.

Hire an Experienced, Professional Social Media Manager
Possibly one of the most important and often overlooked aspect of creating an interesting social media webpage for your company is to make sure that the page is handled in a professional, informative and a customer reflective manner. In order to successfully carry this out, it is, more times than not, a business should hire a non-bias, website manager to handle all of the comments, questions, complaints and critiques that are posted. It's important that the person that handles this part of your businesses social media page fully understands what the customers are saying, knows what makes them happy, understands what they mean and does everything they can to improve each individuals' personal experience. If this is not done, than virtually all consumers will quickly pass over your company's social media site.

Have a look on the following infographic to learn how social media influence businesses.

infographic: how social media influence businesses

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  1. Although Social Media is important to business and shouldn't be ignored, it's not the be all and end all of marketing.

    Lots of companies make a lot of money out of telling people it is, but it's only one element of business marketing that should be adopted.

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