10 Great Ways To Use Pinterest's New Secret Boards

Image: 10 Great Ways to Use Pinterest's New Secret Boards

Sure, Pinterest's new secret boards might be great for planning surprise parties (because we all throw those oh so often) or keeping track of all the lingerie you want, but what are some actually useful things that you can use secret boards for? Here are 10 great ways to use Pinterest's Secret Boards.

Create Vision Board

Secret boards are an innovative way to create vision boards for business and personal use. Instead of cutting and pasting images onto a poster board, why not pin onto a secret board for daily inspiration? You could even invite your partner, spouse and family members to collaborate with you

Collaborate With Colleagues

Are you involved in a project that needs input from colleagues? Secret boards are perfect for brainstorming with others about new products, decor and design ideas and market research. Just create a secret board and invite people by adding their username or email address to the "who can pin" box.

Conduct Marketing Intelligence

Secret boards are great way to keep an eye on your competitors because you can pin their content to your boards without them knowing. Get inspiration by pinning images of bestselling products, popular blog posts and other content in your niche that may have gone viral.

Spark Your Creativity

Pinterest's user-friendly visual interface is an incredible source of inspiration and ideas, especially for private projects that you want to hide from prying eyes. From remodelling your home to planning your wedding to revamping a website, you have instant access to millions of images to spark your creativity.

Plan Surprise Events

If it's your turn to organize the office Christmas party or a surprise 60th bash for your dad you don't want to ruin the surprise, secret boards are a godsend. You can invite others to collaborate and make the board's public when you're ready to tell the world. Just remember that once a secret board is made public, it can't be reversed.

Profile Potential Clients

Trying to impress that new client or land a big account ? Why not use Pinterest's secret boards to find out what makes them tick? You can get powerful insights into a potential client's business, products, values, target market and employees just by looking at their Pinterest page.

Strategies In Advance

Are you attending a major event but don't know the delegates? Rather than memorizing a list of names, why not strategies with a secret board? You can add photos and useful snippets about the people you want to meet like key speakers, donors, clients and industry peers and quickly review it beforehand.

Prepare Your Pinterest Boards

Starting out on Pinterest can be tricky. You need content to attract followers but don't want to bombard the feed with 30 pins simultaneously. Use  secret boards to prepare 3 boards at a time. Populate them with few pins then make them public. Repeat over several days until you have multiple rows then pin as normal.

Plan Campaigns & Launches

When you are planning a product launch or a marketing campaign, privacy and timing are all-important. The secret boards feature helps you develop a well-crafted board and fine-tune your campaign message before unveiling the content to the public.

Collect Gift Ideas

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for unique gift ideas that you may want to keep secret until after the holiday, wedding or other special occasion. Secret boards let you store and update your ideas in one place. By adding the price tag can also see at a glance what each item costs to help you budget.

Infographic: 10 Great Ways to Use Pinterest's New Secret Boards

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