The Many Hats Of A Community Manager

Image: The Many Hats Of A Community Manager
Community manager appreciation day is the fourth monday of every January. Let's raise a glass in honor of the heroes who work in the trenches and on the front lines everyday to make communities succeed for both companies and the customes.

Hats Of Community Managers



As part of their early morning routines, community managers put on their Sherlock Holmes caps to detect customer problems, solve mysterious issues, and escalate case to the technical support team when necessary.


Community managers are extremely empathetic. They need to be dependable for their customers, apologize for poor experiences, provide advice, and walk them through the ins and outs of products.

Cow Boy/Girl

We're now experiencing the "wild west of social" with a user-driven internet where there are no rules and people tend to do what they please.


A brand's biggest cheerleaders are found in enthusiastic community managers who channel a "go team!" energy when doing things such as promoting at events and engaging on the social Web.


Not everyone can speak the same language. This is precisely why community managers have to bridge the gap by taking customer feedback and explaining it to the product team in order to drive innovation. Conversely, they also have to translate the geek speak back in layman's terms for their customers.


In order to measure the pulse of their community, community managers have to read and analyze engagement metrics. These detailed reports allow them to optimize future strategies.


Delivering news in tough customer situations is nothing short of an art. When it comes to matters such as communicating a product delay, careful tact and savvy diplomacy are required skills.


From dawn till dusk, community managers are writing a lot. Whether they're writing blog articles, forum responses, or announcements on Facebook, they are constantly creating unique content and crafting a true brand voice.

Infographic: The Many Hats Of A Community Manager

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