6 Strategies to Start Marketing on Facebook

image: 6 Strategies to Start Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is a social network used by businesses as a marketing tool, but to be effective you need to know to use it properly.

According to the study of Digital Marketing Mexican Internet Association (Amipci), 92% of companies in the country to use social media for advertising purposes is inscribed on Facebook, the social network favorite and included in the strategy digital marketing.
Many companies are moving to Facebook because the market is in this social environment is very broad-estimated at 1,060 million users in early 2013.
So how do you market your business on Facebook let us see this infographic.

Defining the strategy

It is important to set goals, always taking into account both goals as the marketing business (not to go to different paths). Also need to define how you want to achieve those goals.

Invest time in creating the profile

When creating the profile as visualized in the planning, your "fans" come to the page you wanted, and get the information that is important to them. Customize your page (logo, label, URL, etc..) So that will help you achieve your goals.

Add relevant friends

Connect with influential people in your industry and build relationships. Use interesting information and share your network with them, and they will return the favor. Insert links and news about your website or blog to increase your traffic. Do not forget to put a link to your website from your Facebook fan page, and vice-versa.

Interact with customers

Companies with more Facebook fans are those who respond to their customers. They like knowing heard. Interact and engage with people - this will turn them into your loyal customer.

Get market information

Look at the comments and recommendations from your customers about your products, but mainly acts proactively and ask yourself. In most cases, they will feel important and happy to work with you. In addition, you should seek information on leading companies in your industry and / or direct competitors, not to be left behind in the holdings.

Learn to paid advertising

As always, the best way to attract customers on Facebook is paying for preferential exposure of our updates or link to our website survey.

The important thing is that the first step is well taken! Remember, the key to success is good planning.

infographic: Facebook Marketing Strategies for businesses
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