Social Media Mastery Guide for Small Businesses

image: Social Media Mastery Guide for Small Businesses

It's time to face the facts: Social media marketing isn't a fad. More and more small businesses are leveraging the power of social. It's clear that most marketers are now embracing social media and many businesses use social media to reach customers across multiple touch points especially where they spend time, moreover it is considered as an effective engagement tool for 2-way conversation.
We know what you're thinking: "Great. Social media is a popular marketing tool, but can it actually produce measurable results?"
And how do you make the most of your social media marketing efforts? Have a look on following infographic called the Small Business Guide to Social Media Mastery that will help you become a social media master.

Tips on social media mastery:

Add value

Share content like, how to articles, interviews, visual graphics and video tutorials that your audience will find helpful, informative or entertaining.

Share at the right times

Different social networks have different peak times for posting, e.g Perfect time to share on Facebook is 1pm to 4pm. Take advantage.

Interact and Ask questions

Want to spark conversations and get your audience buzzing? Ask open ended questions about your industry, but don't tell!

Use social for customers support

Customer support via social is one area where there's plenty of room for improvement. Majority of online visitors expect companies to provide customer support on Facebook, but only 23 percent actually do.

Be adventurous

There are Tons of social media sites out there, all of which offer different experiences for their communities. If you can identify a place where your customers are (and your competitors aren't) you can gain an advantage.

Just don't spread yourself  too thin

It's better to manage a few social media accounts really well than to mange a dozen poorly. Not sure where to focus your efforts? A recent wall street journal study shows that LinkedIn have the most potential to help small businesses and 30% of small businesses use it regularly.

Get some expert advice

You don't have to do social media marketing all by yourself! There are many talented social media specialists who can help. Here are some of our favorites:

Mari Smith:

Amy Porterfield:

James Wedmore:

Chris Brogan:

Katie Lance:

Laurie Weston Davis:

Lisa Archer:

infographic: Social Media Mastery Guide for Small Businesses

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