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Mar 8, 2014

What Finance Businesses Need To Know To Excel Digital Marketing

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What Finance Businesses Need to Know to Excel Digital Marketing - infographic
Did you know that 94 percent of people in all age groups are using online banking, and nearly 6 out of 10 mobiles searches are likely to use "to make changes to their bank accounts", and that 84 percent of financial companies are using Facebook, 63 percent have a twitter presence and 31 percent have a company blog.
In addition, 68 percent of online American adults that own an investment account also have a presence on at least 1 social networking site, while 61 percent of financial professionals with a social profile use it for business at least once in a week. Plus, financial services sector makes up 14 percent of overall money spent on all online advertising
However, a lot of this "marketing dollar" is being spent without taking the time to see how impactful it is, 5 in 10 banks either do not measure their marketing ROI at all, or measure it in less than 25 percent of their digital marketing campaigns.
These all stats came from bluefountainmedia's infographic called Digital Marketing for Finance: What Businesses Need to Know to Excel Online. See complete visual below:

Digital Marketing for Finance: What Businesses Need to Know to Excel Online - infographic

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