20 Mind-Blowing Stats To Get You Active On Google+ - #infographic

20 Mind-Blowing Stats To Get You Active On Google+
Unless you are OK with tossing off your budget on pricey individuals and their pricier strategies, social media isn’t a platform you can afford to ignore. You aren’t likely to fall short on options that social media tosses at you to promote your products and brand as a whole, and you can find the biggest of brands reciting homilies on how it has helped them achieve the level of success they make a boast of today.

That said, everyone has their own take on different platforms on offer. While some like to channelize most of their resources on Facebook, others are keener on Twitter or LinkedIn or for that matter, Google Plus.

But, let’s be honest, despite being a Google product, Google Plus hasn’t got the kind of credit it commands from the brand community. Even after 2.75 years of its existence, it remains underrated and undervalued as a social media marketing platform. And, is it justified? Darn no! So, just to make sure you aren’t left oblivious to the various leverages Google+ can power you with, here is a list to convince you of the efficacy of this highly resourceful platform.

And no, I am not reciting any of those homilies; I present to you some incredibly convincing GPlus facts by the means of stats (something that works for me as well, as they are more likely to intrigue you to the page).

1. On this date in 2014, Google Plus boasts of more than a thousand million visits every month

Here is the stat in its bare bones. For all those naysayers claiming GPlus is deprived of the kind of numbers that its peers 9 Facebook and Twitter) boast of, this number should dump all those myths to a pigeonhole.

2. There are more than 1.5 billion photos uploaded by users in a week

When yours is a website which contains a lot of images, this is a stat you would want to tuck in.

3. The number of users sharing and uploading Videos is increasing by the day, with a rate of 20x

Go ahead and create some interesting video around your brand, and upload it on your Google+ page. If it is intriguing, there is every chance it may go viral.

4. Here is the active Google Plus Users – 540 million per month

So, those who share photos, upload videos and post statuses, blending those numbers gives you a figure of 540 million users per month. Isn’t that number worth of promoting your offerings to.

5. Those with Accounts on Google Plus are in excess of one billion

Going back to the number war between Facebook and Google Plus, how’s that number for some consideration?

6. 68% of Google Plus users comprise of male users, while rest of the 32% are female users

For those who want to know what audience they are pitching to, this is one priceless stat.

7. Close to 70% active companies have their Google Plus Pages

What’s stopping you then?

8. The +1 button on websites get more than 4 billion hits in a day

All the more reason for you to include those on your website

9. The Google Plus unique monthly visitors are in excess of 20 million

That’s where a chunk of your audience comes from

10. How many social users login to Google plus: Close to 33%

That tells you, it is one of the leading social media platforms out there

11. Close to 7 million Google+ users are from America

If you have your clients in US, or you are targeting the market there, this is one stat you can’t afford to ignore.

12. Every months, approximately 800,000 Google Plus accounts are created

Be rest assured, as GooglePlus is headed north in its popularity, the numbers are only going to grow further, higher.

13. No website is growing at a faster rate than Google Plus

And tell you this much, this success wasn’t a fluke. This is a result of years of organized planning

14. Among the 15-35 year olds, there are more than 28% folks who use Google Plus

If yours is a brand that targets this audience, that is a good enough stat

15. People aged between 45-54 have shown an interest that has increased by 56% since 2012

For brands with market among older audiences, this is…...

16. Lady Gaga has most followers on Google+ : 8.4 Million

This tells you entertainment sells everywhere

17. 26% of the Internet users who access social media sites from their Smartphones surf Google Plus

Another reason for you to target mobile phone audience

18. More than 40% digital marketing professionals use GooglePlus

It is being adopted by a larger band of audience now, jump in

19. Your website gets indexed in Google with greater assurance and degree

Figuring in Google searches more often than not is a target to be achieved. And Google Plus takes you closer.

20. No Google Plus, nothing gets more eyeballs than Android

This tells you, people indeed are brand conscious – make your brand to be one worthy of someone following it loyally.

20 Surprising Google+ Facts, Figures And Stats That Will Blow Your Mind
infographic created by: TimiBudai


If the above stats are anything to go by, there is every reason to believe Google Plus will give your business the velvet touch it has been vying for.

Author bio – Mike Swan is a blogger by mood and web designer by profession. He gives ideas to convert Phoptoshop to wordpress theme and loves to share his thoughts on social media. You can log in to his web (Markupcloud Ltd) for various other conversion services.

image credit: google
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