LinkedIn By The Numbers - infographic

LinkedIn By The Numbers - infographic - 20+ LinkedIn Stats
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and being tied to the popularity of social recruiting. It is also known as a business oriented network and through this you can share and receive updated news, job details, marketing a business or about any other brand details. LinkedIn is very popular among the marketers and business professionals those who are seeking work and trying to connect with those who are interested in their services.
LinkedIn having 280 million total users and more than 87 percent of the total people belief the product-related information they find on the network. Some are getting involved with it only to extend their friends circle to make fun and gossip and some are to maintain a strong network of close professional colleagues to get success in their professional life.
For more details about the LinkedIn’s success as a professional social networking site and its market value, here is an explained infographic which comes courtesy of Degreequery.
linkedin: a closer look at the social giant's stats -  20+ LinkedIn facts

If you work for a living, or plan to after college, you should consider having a LinkedIn profile.

Robert Libetti/ Business Insider
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