X Shares Growth In Usage Stats As It Eyes More Advertisers In 2024

Elon Musk’s X app seems to be on a roll, as witnessed in the company’s latest array of stats published online.

The news comes as the company sparks greater interest from advertisers, aiming to tackle the rest of this year. According to the reports rolled out, the usage of the app has increased, despite other reports suggesting the opposite.

X claims the number of users keeps rising each month, and according to them, there’s nothing better than that. To give you more insights, we’ve summarized the stats below.

For starters, X reports that 570 million users are logging into the app every month, which is a 6% increase compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, X is witnessing 361 billion daily user seconds, while video viewership is up by 45%, hitting the 8.2 billion mark every single day.

It’s interesting to note their reports are contradicting, as other stats showing that usage on the app is stalling. Here, there's clear growth in user interest.

Another noteworthy point is the app's failure to report a rise in daily active users. Last reported, this figure hit the 250 million mark and has remained stagnant since the end of 2022.

As we can see, there's no growth in the figure for daily active users, but the increase to 570 million monthly active users since the end of 2023—from 550 million reported in March—is significant, even if daily figures are not expanding to the same extent.

However, many are questioning the reported figures for daily user seconds (i.e. time spent on the app), which seem inconsistent with past reports. Such discrepancies raise distrust among critics about Musk’s platform reporting, making it hard to take such information seriously. These contradictions omit certain elements to paint a better picture when the points fail to add up.

If the latest stats are indeed correct, it means X is experiencing a significant decline in engagement compared to the last quarter, despite the rise in MAU.

This raises the question: are advertisers excited about more people checking out the app if fewer are sticking around in the long run?

Additionally, video views are already questionable. Twitter had close to 2 billion views every single day, marking a 62% year-over-year rise in video consumption. To hit the 8 billion mark in three years seems unrealistic to some experts.

Some argue that the platform is combining video views with post impressions, skewing the data. While details on average viewer time remain unknown—another point worth mentioning—people are losing trust, thanks to Elon Musk.

The tech billionaire has continued to claim the app is the top choice for news since 2016, alarming as Twitter altered that perception long ago, acknowledging the challenge to compete with rivals like Meta.

X cannot claim to be a news app or be listed as one on Google Play Store, a nearly decade-old issue that has been debated extensively in the past.

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