Apple’s iOS 18 Comes With a New Useful Call Recording Feature

iPhone maker Apple’s latest iOS 18 has a new and useful call recording feature.

This negates the use of third-party platforms as it ensures call recording is done directly through the phone’s app. Similarly, the offering allows conversation conversion into a transcript, if and when required. And if that’s not enough, phones showing support for Apple Intelligence can also make the most of this component through AI summaries.

Today, calls can be recorded via a large number of apps that users can download through the App Store for use on their respective iPhones. However, all of these do end up adding friction and make matters complex as they belong to third parties.

Now, iOS 18 is making headwaves for allowing call recording directly into the system’s app for phones. So when you enter a call, you get a new pop-up alert to begin call recording. If you select that option, the user on the other end of the conversation will be notified about their chat getting recorded.

Meanwhile, the call’s screen will now display running counts of the recording’s duration and after that’s done, users can save transcripts for use in the future.

Users will have the chance to save conversation transcripts across their Notes section so it’s going to be present indefinitely and only when they delete them will it get removed.

Furthermore, Apple Intelligence has a role to play here as well. Those phones that are compatible would now attain AI-based summaries of their conversation’s transcript.

The great news here is that owners of old iPhones that don’t have Apple Intelligence will still be able to benefit from standard call transcripts so no newer models are needed for the endeavor to be unlocked. But they won’t get access to transcript summaries that make use of AI.

You can find call transcripts in various languages and in different places around the globe, after the launch of iOS 19. This includes Japan. Brazil, France, Germany, China, Spain, Mexico, and most English-speaking countries amongst others.

The latest feature of the call recording is set to come this fall after the launch of iOS 18. But we’d also like to add how the rollout is yet to be included in the beta for iOS 18.

Image: Apple

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