YouTube Begins Testing ‘Add Yours’ Sticker Feature For Greater Engagement On Shorts

Popular video-sharing app YouTube is testing a new feature that comprises an ‘Add Yours’ sticker.

The company is giving creators the chance to better engage on the app with this new endeavor as it enables them to begin trends while giving their audiences the chance to deliver a response.

The rollout that’s still under the experimental phase will boost user participation among a large number of creators on this Shorts App, the company adds.

For now, it’s being trialed with a limited number of channels and gives way to starting and joining the latest trends via a host of popular topics.

The app mentioned how this new feature is a novel means to generate quick responses from viewers so they can make the most of viral trends while enabling creators to overcome any obstacles along the way.

Creator Insider announced the new feature through a weekly news update where creators were told to wait a little for the launch which they could benefit from soon.

Creators present in the testing group will search for the option called Add Yours that is found in the Sticker Picker for Shorts. Once the Short video is recorded, the creator selects Next, picks the sticker icon, and then presses Add Yours.

They can add prompts for user engagement, and then watch the sticker popup as overlays on the Short rolled out.

Viewer interaction with this new feature will give rise to more chances of participation by selecting the sticker and producing response videos. Meanwhile, channels tracking engagement by clicking on this sticker would be done as creators can see all Shorts made using this prompt. So as you can imagine, what better means of getting the right feedback and insights than this.

The fact that the feature is simple to use and enhances user participation is a great way to add instant value to content and also enable great growth from the creators' audience.

From what we can confirm so far, the app is making the rollout available to a limited figure of creators using Shorts across mobile phones for now. This will give the app time to attain feedback and further enable refinement of the feature online before it indulges in a widespread launch for everyone.

Seeing stickers like Add Yours is a great way to align the app’s efforts to facilitate growing competition in today’s Shorts market. Remember, arch-rival apps like TikTok and Reels from Meta’s Instagram are winning on this front as well so the race to get the greatest viewership is never-ending.

By making the most of quick and simple trend creation as well as participation from the user’s end, the app is hoping to amplify short video production as it’s one of the greatest revenue streams across YouTube.

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