Windows 11 Sees Positive Comeback With Growth In Market Share For The First Time Since Late 2023 Slump

Windows 11 has another reason to smile after experiencing growth in market share for the first time since it experienced a slump during the latter part of 2023.

The latest OS offering from Microsoft seems like it’s on its way to a great comeback as reports from Statcounter revealed how it was slowly hitting the 30% market share witnessed globally.

Windows 11 witnessed growth for two months consecutively and right now, it happens to be downloaded across 29.7% of all computers. On the other hand, reports also shed light on the progress of Windows 10 which fell 66%.

While this still seems to be greater than what software giant Microsoft might appreciate, keeping in mind how it’s all set to depreciate by October 2025, the figures are certainly moving in the right direction currently.

When we look at the rest of the company’s operating systems, they’re holding on steadily. Today, there are less than 3% of people still making use of Windows 7 while scattered PCs appear to be chugging along through the company’s Windows XP and Windows 8 offerings.

The software giant made it very clear that it was going to offer all of its Windows 10 users with upgrades to 11 without any additional cost. However, some issues linked to compatibility have kept users away from making the change as their PCs are older and therefore it would take some time to take on the new upgrade.

Others might be a little wary in terms of taking on the latest upgrade thanks to controversies linked to a new Recall offering and a list of other offerings deemed less desirable.

But the benefits are there and the fact that it’s earning 4.5 out of 5 star ratings means it’s worth a shot.

We’ve even seen some tactics like rolling out full-screen adverts to get more users to make the switch from Windows 10 to 11. Similarly, those who don’t wish to make the change would be forced to pay for more security updates starting in October 2025. So as you can see, the company is going full throttle to entice users to upgrade or pay. However, some experts do feel that by that timeline, those using PCs would already be capable of upgrades through PCs and desktops anyway.

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