WhatsApp Is Working On New AI-Generated Image Feature Of Users

Messaging giant WhatsApp is currently working on a new and exciting feature for users that makes use of Meta AI.

The feature will be optional and give users the chance to generate AI-based pictures of themselves through Meta’s AI Llama model.

We saw in the last update how the company was giving users the chance to select which AI-based Llama model they were keen on using to carry out AI interactions. Those who wished for a quick and simple approach could use the default variant while those in search of advanced models for complex queries were free to use the newer 3-405B variant.

Right now, it seems like the platform is more committed to practicing refinement on the user end through the likes of Meta AI. The goal appears to be linked to better personalization. And thanks to the newest update, that could be possible with this latest optional offering to produce pictures of themselves through Meta AI.

As can be witnessed through a new screenshot attached, the app wishes to explore more with images generated through the AI of users. They hope to schedule the feature in the next upcoming update for the platform.

This would ensure users can take a set of pictures which the Meta AI software would use to produce AI pictures. It’s up to the user which images they would like to set up for analysis to produce such images, making sure the ones made using AI best represent what they appear like.

The company confirmed how the user would have full control of the feature and can remove the setup photo at any point in time through the app’s AI settings.

After they take the setup images, users could ask Meta AI to produce AI pictures of themselves by typing Imagine Me through the conversation. Additionally, users can use such features in other conversations by using the @Meta AI imagine me option.

Since such commands undergo separate processing, Meta AI could not read other texts and the image produced as a result of this will get shared through automated means in the chat by the platform. Hence, all of the privacy of users would always remain intact at all times.

The offering is totally optional so users need to opt in to use it. Anyone who agrees would need to opt in through manual means for enabling it through settings and hence can take respective setup images first.

For now, we’ll just wait and watch for when it’s released and we’ll update you soon here when it happens.

Image: Wabetainfo

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