TikTok Allows Creators To Download Their Videos Without a Watermark Amid Development Of New AI Genie Chatbot

TikTok is giving creators the chance to download their videos without the app’s watermark.

The news seems to be positively appreciated by many who were previously prevented from repurposing the content as the watermark could not be removed.

Now, it makes it so much simpler to use the short-form clips over again through other platforms seen online. As witnessed in one screengrab, the app prompts users to save videos featuring watermarks or simply post to save them without the watermark being included. So all you need to do is tap on the option for Save seen on the upload flow.

Image: Jonah Manzano / Threads

This way, the app allows users to repost the content to other platforms but as expected, you’d have to share it on TikTok first. This ensures TikTok attains more content from users while also allowing them to benefit by sharing through other leading apps.

When you upload clips featuring watermarks on apps like Snap or even Instagram, it usually always gets restricted. In the same way, the YouTube app could limit that across Shorts so those in search of reposting the same content on different apps can now do so with ease.

The TikTok app has allowed users to download clips without any watermarks since the start of 2024 if you’re wondering. But now, the feature is altered by enabling a post-first requirement. This would restrict users who were using the platform’s editing tools to make clips for use on other leading social media apps, which is only fair we believe.

Some experts feel this could have been done in the past through the CapCut app which is the platform’s tool for editing videos. But for those who don’t use other apps for editing purposes, it’s now going to be a breeze as you first have to publish on TikTok and then can publish elsewhere.

At the end of the day, TikTok is not only making users’ lives easier but also making sure its interests remain protected at all times.

In other news, TikTok is also said to be heading for the launch of its own AI chatbot dubbed Genie. The report comes during a time when tech giants are entering the AI race with a bang, rolling out chatbots left and right.

As per the details mentioned by Semafor, the app has already attained the right for its trademark name Genie which will be allocated respectively to this new AI tool. The latter would allow users to post queries in-app and attain instant replies amongst a host of other capabilities.

We witnessed in May how TikTok filed claims to use the same name regarding its AI software. This would be a part of the many functions that this new chatbot would entail including the likes of chat simulation, enhanced communication, and facilitating interactions between the user and AI.

The goal seems to be linked to making the platform more like a hub for various AI features with this new tool’s upcoming launch where different users can connect to various elements found on TikTok.

Moreover, we’ve been hearing reports about such a tool in the works for some time now and how the next-gen offering would be even more robust in design and integrate most of the app’s AI elements into a single stream.

A lot of discussion also surrounds how the latest chatbot would entail new expanded search capabilities alongside the app’s AI features that could give rise to creating your own virtual beings which could live stream through the TikTok platform. Others could give rise to a new StreamVoice system for voice simulation, depending on a few instances. All in all, exciting features seem to be lined up.

If you ask us, we believe TikTok is moving in a new direction that perhaps has never been explored by the app before. It seems to be doing that with this new AI chatbot that would include all expanding AI creation tools combined into one, making it simpler to experiment with those.

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