Median Salary of Magnificent Seven Companies Revealed

The Wall Street Journal and MyLogIQ conducted an analysis to find out the median pay of seven leading companies in the world in 2023. These seven companies include Apple, Meta, Nvidia, Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, and Alphabet. In May 2024, these companies alone added $1.4 trillion to the global market. Nvidia was responsible for contributing more than half of this increase. The analysis delves into the average pay these tech giants offer.

Meta ranks the highest in terms of median pay, which was $379,050 in 2023. The pay of the CEO of Meta is $24.4 million. Meta has six times higher median pay than the national median salary. Between 2022 and 2023, the median salary increased by 28%, making Meta the company with the highest median pay. Following Meta is Alphabet with a median pay of $315,531 and a CEO salary of $8.8 million. The company offers employees the option to work remotely and requires them to be in the office only three times a week.

Nvidia has a median pay of $266,939. Its CEO’s total pay in 2023 is $34.2 million. The company also offers a vacation package to its employees, including 22 weeks of paid parental leave. Tesla gives its employees a median salary of $45,811, while Amazon has a median pay of $36,274. Apple has the highest CEO total pay, which is $63.2 million, while its median employee pay is $94,118.

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