Study: Cryptocurrency Owners Show Unusual Personality Traits, Including Extremism

A new study by researchers at University of Toronto and University of Miami reveals that many people who own cryptocurrency show unusual and obsessive personality traits. Nearly four in ten Americans own crypto, including Donald Trump. A survey of 2K+ American respondents owning crypto proved that nearly 30% of these people are more likely to be extremist and believe in conspiracy theories. They also show signs of psychopathy, machiavellianism, sadism and narcissism.

There were also other traits among people who owned crypto. These included having a higher income, feelings of victimhood, argumentative and maleness. These kinds of traits are not surprising because people go for cryptocurrency because they want to find a profitable and equitable alternative to mainstream sources of income. So, they are more likely to not believe in a centralized financial system and centralized media control.

These kinds of personality traits also conclude that having fringe beliefs can result in people buying crypto. Although this study doesn’t apply to all individuals who own crypto, it is still interesting to see if people buying crypto in future will have the same personalities as described in this study.

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