Apple Aims To Strike New AI Partnership With Google’s Gemini After Breakthrough Deal With OpenAI

Apple just recently entered the world of AI with a bang as it struck a breakthrough partnership with OpenAI.

The news did leave many people in shock as the partnership was massive and truly meant the AI race was heating up with the arrival of the iPhone maker.

Now, new reports are hinting at how we could soon see another breakthrough deal between the Cupertino firm and Google’s Gemini.

The news about Apple’s decision to integrate ChatGPT into a wide array of its latest iOS range was made at this year’s WWDC. The company’s head for software engineering shed light via a keynote on how more deals with other tech giants were on the cards soon including the likes of Google’s Gemini.

Despite being pressurized for a timeline, no details were unveiled in terms of when that might be possible. But new information from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is making it evident that we might see the arrival as soon as this fall.

This comes after rumors that Apple engaged in talks with other leading tech giants of the industry like Anthropic, Perplexity, and even Meta. But the latter might no longer be a part of this due to its own privacy reasons.

No matter which firm ends up striking the deal with Apple, there would be no possibility of money exchange taking place, at least during the beginning.

Apple seems to be intrigued by the launch of chatbots like ChatGPT Plus and others on its new lineup that would give rise to more subscriptions for partners and hence would be equivalent to a payment. And in case you did not know, Apple already has more than half of the American smartphone share this past few months so it’s a lucrative deal.

But that does not mean we won’t be seeing the leading iPhone maker give rise to its own lineup of the best AI services across the board. Apple Intelligence could soon come into existence while the company would be taking a share of its partner’s revenue too as a means to counter the slow speed of upgrades for hardware.

All in all, we will keep you updated when or if the deal with Google’s Gemini comes through so stay tuned.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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