Google’s Play Store On A Mission To Make App Ratings More Visible With Dedicated Icons

We’ve seen Android maker Google implement a lot of changes to its respective Play Store in the past. And now, we’re hearing about some more useful features including greater visibility of app ratings.

Currently, the Play Store displays several app ratings for various platforms available in the market. But, Google wishes to highlight them even further for enhanced visibility through the use of dedicated icons. After all, what better way to make apps more prominent?

The latest range of buttons would display ratings for several devices whenever they’re clicked upon. 

As per a new post launched by Android Authority, one tech expert noticed a new rating feature for platforms. This was for the Play Store’s latest version that displays app ratings via unique form factors.

At the moment, the Play Store shows ratings when the user presses on the respective icon. For instance, it could be a phone, a tablet, or a Chromebook. Now, however, thanks to the new change seen in the beta version of the Play Store, ratings would be present along with the respective device buttons. This gives rise to new changes negating the purpose of clicking on device buttons to see the ratings linked with a certain device type.

We agree that the change is not major but it does give rise to a welcoming tweak in terms of preventing users from constant taps, not to mention saving a few extra seconds as well.

The ratings can be found near the device chip and users can tap on various devices to see the app ratings related to it. Remember how the feature was seen through the app’s beta version so not everyone would have access to it just yet.

The offering was first seen in the latest APK Teardown, hence, there’s yet to be any clarification in terms of whether or not Google will make this offering up for grabs in the future or if it will remain a test. The company just might eliminate the change and keep the Play Store app ratings as before.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and watch what decision Google makes.

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