Microsoft Gears Up To Implement ‘iPhone Only’ Usage In The Workplace For Employees In China

Software giant Microsoft is gearing up to implement a new working condition for staffers in China. This includes only using iPhones when in the workplace.

The company confirmed that the new rule will be implemented by September of this year.

As highlighted in a new report by Bloomberg yesterday, the decision arose in the form of an internal memo sent out to employees regarding the tech giant making its workers aware of ID verification via the Microsoft Authenticator that manages passwords. This will also entail usage of its Identity Pass platform that’s seen on Apple devices.

The question on many people’s minds is what difference would that make, if any? Similarly, why isn’t the same preference given to Android at the company? Well, as per experts, it has to do with apps.

The firm has made it very clear that all workers would be barred from using Android phones to attain access to Microsoft’s platforms as they belong to Google. This would include the Play Store which is not available to those located in the Chinese nation.

This leaves only one place for users in the country to install the Authenticator and Identity Pass platforms and that's Apple's App Store.

However, the organization does not completely exclude Android operating system as a whole. It mentioned how the company’s workforce could continue using personal Android phones outside of work but at the company, they would be provided with iPhone 15.

The news is clear proof of how Microsoft is willing to make security practices tighter after attacks from hackers based in China and Russia. The firm was said to be in hot waters thanks to a host of security failures linked to the American Cyber Safety Review Board. They described (in a recent doc) how several errors were being made by the software giant that could have been avoided.

The board similarly mentioned how hackers in 2023 were able to get through to the company’s Exchange Online of users from 22 different firms. As a result, hackers could access and download 60k personal emails belonging to the government alone.

Speaking to media outlets recently, Microsoft mentioned how a slew of events in the past have shown that it needed to take on a more stringent culture linked to the security of its networks to avoid such errors and incidents again.

Last May, the company made its plans for an expansion for a Secure Future Initiative very clear and how it would feature recommendations across the board. The organization would be taking stricter actions that included the likes of account protection with authentication based on multi-factor technology.

Microsoft’s VP released a new statement about how they were making sure their top goal at this moment in time was security at the company, more than anything else.

While the company’s rep failed to respond to more queries on this front, it’s clear that the goal right now is pulling through with a new iPhone mandate.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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