Apple Crumbles Under Russian Pressure And Removes VPN Apps From Its App Store

iPhone maker Apple has caved in to pressure from authorities in Russia who have been longing for the company to get rid of some of the best VPN apps found on the App Store.

Today, the news has been confirmed that several of these apps were deleted and therefore can no longer be found for users in the country. For now, the iPhone maker is on a mission to inform VPN developers how their platforms are being deleted as per demand from Russian authorities.

The Roskomnadzor, another name for Russia's top watchdog has been on a mission to previously get rid of other apps from both Apple and Google which was supported by a leading political party that served on the opposition’s side.

New reports from The Moscow Times shed light on this including how the demand was strong from authorities to remove all content it dubbed illegal. This demand is believed to have arisen after the growing rise in VPN services being blocked across the nation.

Details regarding Apple’s App Store alerts arise through emails rolled out to several VPN developers. As per the latest article published by Reuters, 25 companies have been impacted as a result of this demand for VPN app removal.

Using VPNs has been a mainstay for Russian citizens who find it hard to bypass all the restrictions put on media by the country’s top governmental organizations, especially after the war began with Ukraine. At this point, authorities from Russia ended up blocking access to several social media platforms in the West.

VPNs are designed to disguise users’ identities while also serving the benefit of data encryption from the user’s end. This assists with security but the former benefit is what has been the mainstay of many people’s use in the country.

While making use of the feature, users are reassured that they won’t get tracked as their location details are hidden from public view and also prevented from tracking by the authorities.

After getting set up across iPhones, users can bypass any local and nationwide restrictions seen across websites. So as you can see, the user benefits a lot from such platforms that have been their mainstay for years while others dub them a lifeline for survival in today’s day and age.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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