YouTube Equips Its Search Bars On Android Devices With Google Lens

It’s a decision that’s not only interesting but something that many people did not see coming from video-sharing giant YouTube.

The popular platform has just integrated the app’s search bar on Android devices with Google Lens.

When it is enabled, users can embrace a fullscreen page for search that has the Google Lens icon situated at the top right-hand side. This pops up in the middle of the bar and the microphone and gives rise to a new camera interface that was never seen before on the app's Android version.

Yes, it’s the same feature we witnessed on Google Search and it’s safe to say Google Lens is loved for various reasons. But who thought YouTube for Android would be getting it as well?

Users can use the feature to identify different things present in the surroundings and also make use of the optical character feature for further recognition. This is designed to highlight text if other things don’t get identified.

For instance, if something appears appealing to you, just click the image of the iPhone 13 Mini and use this visual search to look for it on YouTube’s app. When you tap on the search result, you enter the query into the search bar of YouTube. And if that is not enough, users can also benefit from a bigger and broader search on Google endeavor so as you can see, the possibilities have no limits.

The situation is a very straightforward one and it entails the expansion of search done visually. Moreover, this is also a clear-cut representation of how the search engine giant wants users to look for things beyond the norms of just plain old text and voice.

Meanwhile, Google Lens across Android on YouTube is yet to be rolled out to the masses but seeing the ways things are picking up the pace, we can soon see that happening worldwide.

H/T: 9to5google

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