Microsoft Makes Major Changes To Users Signing Into Their Personal Outlook Accounts

Software giant Microsoft has just rolled out some mega changes for users having personal Outlook accounts on its platform. These are related to authentication when signing in.

The company mentioned how the changes would come into play by September 16 this year and how they would no longer be allowed to enter via the Basic Authentication as was seen in the past.

That feature used to ask for users’ names and passwords but the company says it’s high time that a change was rolled out in this regard. This reveal came in the form of a blog post by Microsoft that detailed more on this front.

All Outlook users with personal accounts must now access through supported emails or via the company’s Calendar app. Other options include going directly to the Outlook webpage for a sign-in option.

All of these make use of Modern Authentication means, Microsoft explained, and it also gave examples of how a host of other apps also make use of the feature like Outlook for Android, Apple Mail, iOS, and even Windows.

The company’s blog post sheds light on how it supported the basic authentication means for logging in for quite some time now and this allowed bad actors to grab a hold of the user’s data without on a personal front. Hence, the risk linked to stealing their sensitive credentials was always at a high with basic authentication but that risk will dramatically decrease with this new means.

Microsoft also shed light on how there is a growing number of cyberattacks taking place through email and they keep on increasing as time goes on. This is why people need more modern means for Outlook to attain more help for the protection of users’ personal accounts.

The blog goes on to describe how more modern methods are used for signing in and making email accounts so much safer than usual.
The software giant feels modern techniques added to the whole backend process include a new layer of security so that anyone making use of an app without support for this technique wouldn’t get access to their respective personal Outlook accounts from those places.

If that was not enough, the company is also becoming stricter in terms of shutting down the app’s web lite version that could be accessed with the help of older browsers. It also served as a reminder for many how there were plenty of plans in place to get rid of support for older versions of Windows Mail and Calender before the year ends.

Furthermore, we’re hearing more about how the software giant is ending support for users' access to Gmail accounts from Google through the Outlook domain. This will take place as early as the end of this month. However, users can still access those emails via the Mac app or the Outlook Windows app. Last but not least, the company says mobile users having certain voice command features of Outlook on their mobile devices will no longer be able to access them by this month’s end.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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