How to Turn Off Meta AI on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook

The new blue circle appearing on your widely-used apps is a ChatGPT version of Meta, known as Meta AI, to help users do tasks fast and save their time. But not everyone is a fan of AI and wants this new feature to be on their screens while scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, or chatting on WhatsApp. So how can one get rid of it?

Can one get rid of it?

Frankly speaking, there is not a way to escape from it permanently. Meta, just like Google and Microsoft, feels compelled to rise in the artificial-intelligence industry, so it has included AI in all its services. However, it appears to be an unnecessary option, not required by all.

A loophole can help

One cannot get rid of it permanently, but making it invisible is an option we still have. Here are the steps you can take to make the AI icon invisible on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp Mobile

• First, go to your WhatsApp and open the chat with Meta AI

• Tap on the profile name written at the top in the chat i.e. Meta AI.

• Tap on the notification tab and tap notification option.

• In next window choose Always from the options and click OK.

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are the apps used by most of the world's population daily. No Matter how long you have been using these apps, you might have noticed a new character popping up on your screen, answering unnecessary questions you might not want to ask and continuously offering information that is not your concern in your news feed. This new character, Meta AI, varies with every person's usage. If you want to turn off this feature and are not a fan of AI, read this article till the end.  Mark Zuckerberg is proud of this feature and thinks it is the most intelligent AI assistant social media users can use freely. This might seem very interesting to hear, but some social media users find it a very intrusive and forced feature.  Is it Possible to Turn off Meta AI It might initially disappoint you, but there is no proper way to turn off Meta AI. Whenever you use Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, you cannot restrict or disable the chat from appearing at the top right corner of your screen. Also, ignoring this feature is not a solution either. You will be provided with AI suggestions.  Surprisingly, the meta AI has the potential to pop up in your feed randomly. That's not all; the messenger app from Facebook has an entire tab that works for Meta AI. This makes the users feel it is a forced feature that has been added without their consent. How Can You Mute Meta AI Chats?  First, it is advised to avoid chatting with Meta AI. But if your intention was to search for something and you accidentally got into a chat, you will start getting notifications from the chat as if someone is talking to you even if you don't want to. You can find these notifications bothersome and wish to disable them right away. You cannot disable them. However, you can mute them from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. This process will not remove the chat bot altogether, but you will stop getting the notifications. If you want to learn the process, then here's how you can do that.

On Messenger Mobile

• Open the Messenger app on your phone.

• Click on the Meta AI symbol on your chat page

• Now, the chat window will open; look for the info icon in this window

• In next tab, select the mute option and then select Until I change it and then tap OK.

How to Turn Off Meta AI on Facebook Messenger Mobile App

On Facebook Mobile

• Click on the Meta AI logo at the top of the page.

• In new tab, select the i (information) option at the top-right corner of the page.

• In next window, select the mute option under the AI symbol and then choose Until I change it from the given options.

How to Turn Off Meta AI on Facebook Main Mobile App

On Instagram Mobile

Muting Meta AI on IG is as easy as the three methods mentioned above:

• Click on the AI symbol in the search bar at the top of the page.

• Click on the i option given at the top-right corner.

• Select mute from the given options and then choose Until I change it from the list.

Some other remedies

If you are not willing to go through all this hassle, a better option exists to overcome the issue. Strat using the web version of the apps or Lite versions as AI feature is still non-existent there. But iPhone users are exempt from using this panacea, as these apps are not available on iOS. They have to show a little cunning wit and do the following:

• Open their Facebook or Instagram account on Safari browser.

• Click on the share icon and then choose Add to home screen.

The aforementioned trick would generate a shortcut of apps in question and add them to your collection of apps on home screen.

The above-mentioned ways could be used by users not happy with the addition of AI feature in their widely-used apps.

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