New Age Verification Laws In The US Will Force WhatsApp To Start Asking Users For Their Birth Year

For some, revealing their birth year is not fun and games. No one wishes to give out personal details like age that they would much rather keep private.

But it looks like WhatsApp is soon going to be asking users based in the US for their birth years to better comply with age verification laws. So if you wish to continue using the platform, this must be done.

Meta’s leading app is yet to confirm the news, but more reports are adding how certain states in the country have passed various laws regarding age verification. The ordeal is designed to curb kids’ access to explicit material while ensuring children remain guarded from turning to such sites without permission from their elders.

And believe it or not, such laws are rolling out faster than what many had imagined and most of the states said to be entwined in this include those belonging to Republicans. Meanwhile, there are also bills in different states of development as we speak.

The popular texting platform recently feels like the best way to comply is by asking for your birth year and if reports from WABetaInfo are believed to be true, the newest beta variant of the platform would have this feature now be a mandatory part of the setup.

Meanwhile, the app would also be rolling out a warning at the start in terms of how you cannot alter the data at a future date. And there is no way out of this because if you wish to continue using this app, then this is the way to go.

For now, it’s not too clear when and how exactly the change will be taking place. But the leaked data so far means Meta is not going to reveal the date to anyone else on the app. It’s just a formality that would make you more compliant with the age laws in the state that you’re residing in.

Experts believe that only those living in states with such laws or those planning on making visits there would be forced to comply with immediate effect. It’s quite like how Por*Hub added a response to age verification in certain places.

From what we know so far, these are the following states in the US where the law has been passed. It includes Alabama, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Carolina. Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Kansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, and Idaho.

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