Apple In The Works Of Designing New Password Management App For iPhone And Mac

Today, there are plenty of strong password generators and managers including 1Password and LastPass that give users a secure means of producing and storing their passwords. But they do come with an additional fee.

It looks like iPhone maker Apple is building on that theme and designing its own password manager app that would be exclusive to systems on Mac and iPhones. The news was first reported by Mark Gurman recently, and it’s all set to be a grand unveiling at the tech giant’s upcoming WWDC that’s scheduled in three days.

The latest feature by Apple would simply be called Passwords but it would provide great competition for other paid rivals in the industry, experts believe since it’s going to be built into the system.

The firm already rolls out unique passwords and gives users the chance to store them via iCloud Keychain which is designed to sync them throughout all of the company’s devices under the user’s ownership. This could be their Windows computer too, provided it's done with browser extensions.

But that was once thought to be too complex and right now, it’s going to be so much more simpler when the feature is in-built inside systems of Apple’s devices. Did we mention how smartly it can ensure you stay within the company’s ecosystem too?

Similar to how other arch rivals work, the new passwords app will end up splitting the password into several different categories like the users’ account, Passkeys, and even Wifi. It would also enable importing of passwords from different rivals and then fill it up automatically when the device detects a user logging into the site or the app.
Passwords would even go about working through Apple’s Vision Pro headset which is worth $4k and is similar to how the Google Authenticator functions. So that means it’s also going to show support for 2FA codes. But we still need more clarification in terms of whether or not this new app will allow users to save files safely as well as images, in addition to the usual passwords or not?

Remember, we are just comparing Apple’s offering to other competitors in the industry including LastPass and 1Password.

We also hope to see Apple shed light on the newest models of its lineup this upcoming Monday at the conference that has everyone’s eyes glued for obvious reasons as AI is going to be a major part of many interfaces.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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