Artists Are Fed Up With Meta’s ‘Predatory’ AI Policies As Many Threaten To Leave Instagram For Better Alternatives

It looks like artists have reached their breaking point with Meta after the company confirmed how it was using public pictures on its apps to train its image generator.

Artists call the act simply predatory in nature and that is why thousands are speaking up against the behavior while others are threatening to leave Instagram.

But one man’s loss is another one’s gain and that’s why those at Cara do not mind. The latter is the name given to an app that is run by artists and within no time, the userbase has flourished from 40k to 650k in just a span of seven days. So that means it's leading the figure for downloads on the App Store as we speak.

Many artists deem Instagram to be a great platform to showcase their talents and get remuneration for their creativity and hard work as clients do pay. But when a company like Meta is busy stealing ideas for generative AI training purposes, it’s a matter of serious concern.

The fact that only those based in the EU have the chance to opt-out means others can do nothing about the aggravating matter. There is only protection from the GDPR but what about those located in other parts of the globe?

People are angry and they are generating appeals against the tech giant because they feel it’s about time someone spoke up against the unfairness and inequality taking center stage.

Cara can much be likened to a combo of X with Instagram that works on phones and on the web as well. It’s designed to cater to the needs of artists and can even go about hosting the users’ portfolios related to their work online. They can even post updates to the feed, similar to how other microblogging platforms work.

First artists are suing the likes of Google for using their images without consent for training image generators and it appears like the matter is taking a similar turn for Meta as the anger is increasing with time.

Another reason why artists have become super resistant to AI is linked to how their creativity is behind the image generators in use today. A lot of the work is produced without attaining consent. The fact that big models are running with huge scrapping of user talent without any regard for copyrights is baffling to a lot of the industry’s professionals.

Artists are already so frustrated by Instagram and how the current decline in reach daily thanks to changes in algorithms is hard to deal with and now this. There is a mega saturation of ads that are paid and therefore cannot be skipped. So artists wonder if there is any benefit of staying on the app or not because it’s a grim situation. This is why alternatives are winning for those linked to the art industry.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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