Microsoft Rolls Out New Feature For Designer That Adds More Style To AI Images

In case you didn’t already know, software giant Microsoft has its own in-house art curator called Microsoft Designer.

The endeavor is based on AI technology and makes use of OpenAI’s famous DALL-E 3 model. And the company has just opted to provide a new means of adding style to Designer’s AI pictures.

The news was published through a post across the company’s Insider blog for Microsoft 365 where more discussions were made about how the latest rollout dubbed Restyle Image can better pictures created through the art maker.

As the name suggests, it is designed to enable users to reimagine as well as restyle all pictures in the most useful manner by uploading the image and selecting from a host of styles like flat, papercrafts, 3D, pop art, and beyond. All the customizations that you can think of would be included in this and users have the chance to transform images into something that’s beyond stunning.

To make use of this, all users need to do is sign in and head on over to the website for Designer. After that, they can press on the icon allocated for Restyling Images seen through the home screen. After that, upload the latest picture or find anyone in existence who was previously put into Designer through the My Media tab.

Once that is done, users can press on the Style Tab and can envision a host of different style categories and various examples such as Block Print, Flat Illustration, and others on display.

After finding one that tickles their fancy, the user can select Generate and four options would pop up that users could select from. Press on any one of those and it will be downloaded. You can similarly make use of the Edit option to enable changes like adding text to art clips too for that added touch of innovation.

The company did go about highlighting how a range of limitations do exist on this front. For instance, one image of a person should only have a single person instead of several people in the click when you make use of Restyle. Furthermore, the feature is only up for grabs in the English language.

However, you can always get support for more diversity in the future as Microsoft says it’s working on that front. Lastly, the company adds how making use of the Restyle option might give rise to spelling errors if and when curated with an AI piece of art. Hence, you should always be mindful to double-check and not blindly trust AI every step of the way.

Other than these few limitations, we feel the company has come a long way to enhance its current AI maker that’s in existence. It seems promising and we don’t see why the masses may not like this opportunity of upgrading the art maker to something much better.

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