Google Doubles Support For Its Translate App As More Than 110 New Languages Included

There have been plenty of occasions where Google’s handy Translate app has come to the rescue when you’re searching online, traveling, or going through a certain document with limited time. And now, the tech giant has doubled support for more languages on the app.

Think along the lines of more than 110 new languages being included as mentioned by the company on Thursday. Before this, we saw the platform provide support for just 133 different languages but the massive expansion is certainly one of the biggest jumps seen by Google in a long time.

Many referred to it as historic while fans of the platform were seen celebrating the news.

Thanks to Google’s AI-based language model dubbed PaLM2, the company was able to assist Translate learn the new languages with ease. It was simpler for those languages that share some sort of similarities with one another, the search engine giant explained. Common examples include Hindi and Marwadi while those linked to French and Mauritian creoles were also said to be a part of this new list.

The great news came in the form of a blog post where the newly listed languages being given support can be found. And if you happen to be a part of the bunch requesting Cantonese then you can smile as that’s now on the list too.

Remember, Cantonese does overlap the Mandarin in regards to writing so it made sense that it was soon to be featured.

Nearly one-quarter of the new languages included are said to arise from Africa and most of the new languages are spoken by one million global users while the rest are spoken by several millions, Google confirmed.

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